Best High Pressure Shower Head for Low Water Pressure (Updated for 2017)

best-high-pressureUpdated March 2017: You need that bare minimum water pressure to have that perfect daily shower in the morning. Irrespective of how awesome your bathroom looks, or whether it is made of expensive stone or glass, if there is not enough water pressure, no bath can be satisfactory, or even close.

If you are looking for the best high pressure shower head, there are a lot of great choices and we list them here.

Lower water pressure may be so because of low pressure municipal supply, plumbing problems at your property or because of the shower head installed.

Your LOCAL plumber can be contacted for improving the water pressure for your supply, but installing one of these shower heads can offset much of the LOW PRESSURE issues to improve the showering experience.

Employing adjustable spray settings and pressure chamber designs, a high pressure head is able to deliver higher water pressure with the same quantity of water flow. You can check out top rated shower heads on our website to get useful information in helping you select the right one for you.

Here is a list of the best high pressure shower heads

waterpik original mode massage showerhead 1Waterpik Original 4-Mode Massage Showerhead$$3.9
Luxury Spa 6 Inch High Pressure Rainfall ShowerheadLuxury Spa 6 Inch High Pressure Rainfall Showerhead$$4.5
Brushed Nickel Double ShowerheadDelta Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead$$4.6
speakman icon anystream high pressure adjustable shower head 4Speakman Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head$$4.6
waterpik elements mode showerhead 5Waterpik Elements 5-Mode Showerhead$$3.8
Adjustable Luxury High Pressure RainShowerheadAdjustable Luxury High Pressure Rain Showerhead$$4.0
Adjustable 9.5” Rainfall High Pressure ShowerheadAdjustable 9.5” Rainfall High Pressure Showerhead$$4.3

The Basics: What Exactly Is A High Pressure Shower Head?

A high pressure shower head is a life saver for homes where the pressure of water is low from the main supply. They are designed to raise the pressure of the water in order to give you strong, joyful showers. They come with multiple settings that can be configured according to your personal taste. They ENHANCE the shower experience by providing you with better water pressure with the SAME amount of water.

These shower heads come with a unique chamber, which is connected to adjustable spray settings; these settings can be modified according to your personal preferences. The shower head adds AIR and pressure to the water and pushes it through the pressure chamber. The end result is shower water coming out of the shower head at a higher pressure.

A hot shower is less enjoyable if the water is not pressurized and a cold shower feels less effective too. A high pressure shower can help fix both these problems. You will be able to rinse off the soap and shampoo much easily. And as it is obvious, a high pressured shower will reduce the bathing time and also reduce the consumption of water.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of High Pressure Shower Head

A good quality shower head is a value addition to any bathroom. A compilation of the key advantages of high pressure shower heads is given below so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Indulge in spray power. A high pressure head has multiple spray jets that ensure the stream of water is strong and stimulating.
  • Quick and easy installation. You won’t need to call in a professional for the installation. Just Do-It-Yourself!
  • Not very expensive. These shower heads are very affordable and suit everybody’s pocket. Still, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If something’s available at a throwaway price, it’s probably not any good.
  • No clogging up worries. They rarely clog up and if you are worried about scaling, just open it and clean it.
  • Gives you an extra clean feeling all over. The shower experience gets totally upgraded and you feel absolutely clean once you step out.
  • Save water. The pressure in the shower ensures that there is no wastage of water. Bath times too will be less (unless of course you like to spend more time in the shower).
  • More satisfactory showers. Since the shower heads come with varied spraying patterns, they elevate the showering experience for all in the family.

Selection: Which Shower Head is best for me?

Take your time when looking for a best shower head that meets your needs. Not everyone would want the same model because they all have different features.

  • The size will depend on the pressure. The shower heads come in narrow and wide heads. If the water pressure is too low, a narrow head will suit you better.
  • Check the design for adjustable settings. Various high pressure heads come with unique settings. Go through them carefully and choose a shower head that best suits your needs.
  • The flow rate is the key to success. A flow pressure up to 2.5 gallons is legally permissible in most territories. Please keep in mind that most of these shower heads are designed to cater to low flow water systems. Most high pressure ones allow a FLOW of 1.5 to 1.75 gallon every minute. However, if you still feel that the pressure is not adequate, feel free to remove the flow restrictor (We have a sample video on the bottom that shows you how to remove one of these restrictors). Check with an expert if you need more clarity on the flow rate of the shower head.
  • Lay emphasis on quality of parts. The overall performance of your shower head and it’s water pressure is directly proportional to the quality of parts that are installed in it. Always look for a company that has good user reviews and above average rating.
  • Don’t look for the cheapest. We can safely affirm that a good quality shower head will not be dirt cheap. Buy a head that is reasonably priced.

Reviews of the Top Rated High-Pressure Shower Heads

We have the reviewed the best ones here.  The reviews will help you compare the pros and cons of each shower head.

Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream

speakman s 2252 icon anystream high pressure shower head
If you have been looking for a sturdy metal shower head that performs smoothly and lasts many years, Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Shower Head may just be the right choice for you. At first glance, you will notice that this shower head has been very well made; hold it in your hands and you will feel that it is heavy and a rock solid metal accessory that wouldn’t give in to any kind of wear & tear.

This solid brass shower head, available in 4 finishes, is one of the very best we have seen in many years. If you love jet showers more than a broad stream of water, there is hardly anything else as good as Speakman Anystream High Pressure Shower Head for you, really!

A Primer on S-2252 Shower head from Speakman

A high pressure shower head, this durable bathroom accessory will perform up to your expectation and offer you a host of features to choose from. The efficiency does not go down in low water pressure environments and the superior finish is sure to blend well with any decor. The body is made out of solid brass, ensuring that it will last out for many years to come.

What are the Best Features of Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Shower Head?

This shower head is totally worth having. Given its solid construction, quality shower experience and several other features (listed below), the Speakman S-2252 no doubt provides value for every penny you spend.

  • Pressure jets for full coverage. The shower head comes with SIX high pressure spray jets; these shower jets convert into a total of 48 full coverage streams.
  • Powered by Anystream 360 Tech. Anystream Technology is well known for having delivered luxurious shower experiences for many years now. The level handle of the shower head has a FULL 360 degrees rotation option. So, you can choose any kind of spray pattern you prefer.
  • Solid construction. No cheap plastic here. It’s made of brass and yes, it’s heavy.
  • Impressive flow control. The water flow rate is 2.5gpm; the figure is more than sufficient for majority of households.
  • Options in finishes. You can choose from any of the 5 available finishes. Regardless of the shower head finish you go for, you can be completely sure that the finish won’t wear off for many years (some consumers on Amazon reportedly used it for over a decade without noticing any symptoms of wear and tear).
  • Patented plunger system. The plunger system can maximize the overall force of the water and keep it steady. This system ensures that no matter how less or high the water pressure from the mains, the shower experience will always be consistent. The plunger system basically joins different jet sprays; the resultant is a fully coverage spray.

Chief Advantages of the Speakman S-2252

Speakman is offering you the very best of their legacy of luxury shower experiences in the Speakman S-2252. For your perusal, here’s a quick list of the benefits this shower head model offers:

  • Easy cleaning. The shower head can be cleaned very easily. The nozzles are very easy to clean and due to application of modern technology in shower head’s assembly, there is very little build up of hard water.
  • Simple installation. The shower head can be installed within a few minutes. The product is supplied with a plumbers’ tape.
  • Full rotation. You can rotate the shower head in 360 degrees.
  • Multiple spray patterns. You can choose anything from drenching spray pattern to a full spray setting.
  • Maximum Coverage. The patented plunger system from Speakman ensures that each stream converts into a coverage spray. The intensity of the shower is totally elevated.
  • Long showers. Since setting up is so simple, you will want to enjoy the new experience to the fullest.
  • 6 jet shower head. The shower head offers you six types of jets in the shower head. Imagine six streams of water that are getting converted into 48 sprays hitting your body. Showering will become an indulgence.

This shower head exemplifies solid, high quality construction but it is true that providing a 100% metallic accessory is not a feasible option for manufacturers. The cost in that case would be very high. So, Speakman utilizes plastic for the outward jets. The exterior, however, is all metal.

The biggest advantage of Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Shower Head is that it is highly DURABLE. You install it once and you’d never have to repair or replace it again unless there are some groundbreaking innovations in bathroom technologies in near future! The value it brings on the table justifies its price tag. Click here to find this high pressure showerhead at the best price online.

Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Shower head

thunderhead high pressure rain showerhead
Have you ever stood under a waterfall? Did you enjoy it? Probably you did. Anyone would get mesmerized when natural drops strike your body at a high pressure. Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Shower head attempts to replicate this experience in the comfort of your bathroom. And if you haven’t experienced a waterfall shower in the morning or after a daylong exhaustion, its TIME you try out a new waterfall shower head. Also check out the Speakeman S-2005 Adjustable high pressure shower head.

The showerhead looks like a bright sunflower spreading sunshine in your bathroom. There are very few users who fail to get impressed by it. If you are ready to upgrade your shower, how about you pamper yourself with this high pressure rain shower head! It lives up to its name and never disappoints.

Main Features of the Thunderhead Rain Shower head

The Thunderhead High Pressure Shower Head has an extension arm with a total of four self locking ratchets. Move the shower head to any position you want and you are all set to enjoy a relaxing shower. You will be able to move it up, down and sideways. No adjustment is required to rein the wing nuts.

If you have a standard wall shower, the Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Shower head gives you the chance to switch to an overhead shower in no time. And since the design offers multiple positioning options, its suits relatively smaller shower areas perfectly. You can actually fold it to any position you want. If your present shower pipe is too low or too high, this shower head can prove to be a lasting solution.

The shower head solves all your positioning problems and comes packed with a bunch of features.

  • Classified as the best high pressure shower head. The delivery of the water is so crisp that users have called it the best shower head for a high pressure experience.
  • Allows cleaning of jets. The design is such that you will be able to clean the jets and make personal adjustments very easily.
  • A wide shower head. The width of the shower head is more than the regular models; it covers a greater body area.
  • The arm is the greatest add on. The flexible arm is the most important feature of this shower head.
  • 90 spray nipples. The water drops sprayed by these nipples is sure to rejuvenate every cell in your body.
  • Control the water flow. You also get the option of controlling the water flow. You can keep it at 2.5gpm or less.

Main Advantages of the Thunderhead Shower head

The Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Shower head is sure to prove itself as a sound investment in the long term. Once you start using an overhead showerhead, you will probably never go back to a wall mounted model.

While most showers in the market only promise a directly vertical shower, they seldom deliver. They pour down water at an angle, and the person has to adjust his or her position to suit that of the shower. With the Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Shower head, this problem is solved instantly. It gives you a real vertical flow of water and is positioned directly over your head.

Here is a compilation of other advantages:

  • Perfect for homes with low water pressure. The compact chamber of the shower head ensures that the water which is pushed out is of high pressure.
  • Installation is very simple. You don’t need any tools to install it. Just DIY.
  • Get rid of clogging up problems. Just squeeze the nipples and clean it; hard water build up within the spray jets can be removed quite easily.
  • Looks very bright in white. The shower head is made of white plastic and brightens up any bathroom.

The product comes with a limited, one year warranty and this may be a disadvantage for some users who are expecting a rough use. Used correctly, the shower head can last about two years or a little more. It will last longer if you are the only person using it on a daily basis.

For its price, the high pressure rain shower head from Thunderbird is a GOOD investment. It is not a metal accessory but given the low price, the shower head is a value buy. Click here to find this product at the minimum price online.

Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream

speakman s 2005 hb hotel anystream high pressure shower head
The S-2005-HB Anystream High pressure shower head is very popular in apartments, hotels and homes. NO other model can perhaps replicate the experience of a five star hotel’s bathroom so well in just $30. So when you are looking for a shower head that looks sturdy and delivers on what it promises, consider the Anystream High Pressure Shower Head. Without entertaining any second thoughts, read about its features and benefits before making a decision.

The Anystream High Pressure Shower Head is the best that you will get in this price range and it is made of top quality plastic. It can be termed as a lightweight shower head from the house of Speakman. It is designed to bear all kinds of wear and tear. Most users have termed it as the perfect shower head for families of all sizes. It is also highly preferred by hotel owners, who are looking for a shower head that delivers superior showering experience to their guests.

What are the Main Features of the Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream?

On the first glance, you will notice the extraordinary size of the shower head. At five inches wide, it is broader than most shower heads in this range.

The other primary feature of this shower head is its patented Anystream 360 degrees spray technology. In very simple words, it implies that the transition between the different settings is very smooth.

Unlike other shower heads, you will NOT need to go to the first setting just so you could move to the next setting. You can just switch between the settings when the need arises.

The Speakman S-2005-HB also comes with a unique lever design that allows you to rotate the shower head in 360 degrees without having to actually move the shower head. You can choose from a wide range of spray settings. On the whole, this is a light weight unit; it is easy to maintain and a value addition to any bathroom.

When you choose a product from Speakman, you can be assured of superior quality and innovative features.

  • Patented plastic. The unit is made from patented plastic and has a distinctive classic shape.
  • Superior Chrome finish. The shower head comes in a chrome finish, which will go well different décor schemes.
  • Comfort. Since you operate the unit with its unique lever, you don’t need to move the main taps at all.
  • Multiple streams. The shower head comes with five nozzles that can be regulated and offer full body coverage when you shower. These nozzles convert the spray into fifty streams, ultimately offering you a joyful rainfall-like shower experience.
  • Eight pulsating massage jets. In the shower head, you will also find innovative massage jets that offer a therapeutic massage to your body.
  • Can be installed to any plumbing system. The unit can be installed in all kinds of bathrooms with standard plumbing systems.
  • Constant flow of water. Even if you live in an area where water pressure from the mains is low, the Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Shower Head will provide you with a consistent flow of water, every day.

Main Advantages of the Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream

Have a look at the benefits of the Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Shower Head.

  • Leak and drip proof. Since the shower head has a plastic body, there is lesser chance of a drip or leak, as it is a light-weight accessory.
  • Superior performance. Most users are very impressed by the unit’s performance even under low pressure of water. This made the purchase totally worthwhile for users who experience water shortage or low water pressure for several months each year.
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance. Since the jets are self cleaning, there is very little that you need to do to keep the shower head working in good condition.

The only con that we could highlight for this unit is with the hose. It is a little heavy for the elderly and children to handle. This problem can be easily fixed by mounting it on the wall.

On the whole, this is a durable product with superior quality and way ahead of other shower heads in this category. Click here to read the consumer reviews, compare prices and find this high pressure shower head from the house of Speakman at the best price online.

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