A Guide to Buying the Best Low Flow Shower Head

Municipal water suppliers are stretched in meeting the ever growing demand for water in a fast expanding urban population, the world over. Increased demand is forcing the civic authorities to compromise on water flow pressures.

However, the fun of enjoying a showering under low pressure water supply conditions need not be lost out. Designed specifically for the purpose, low flow shower heads save on water usage and power bills without compromising on the quality of shower delivered.

Shower manufactures are using cutting edge technology in making innovations to shower heads. These shower heads are capable of delivering the same pressure shower feel, but consume much less water.

Better quality, eco-friendly low flow shower heads are capable of reducing water consumption by as much as 50%! This translates into savings made both on water supply and heating bills. Plus, you can have the peace of mind that you are contributing a bit to the green movement.

PictureNameFlow RatePriceRating
niagara earth massage showerhead 1Niagara N2915CH Earth Massage 1.5 GPM Showerhead1.5 GPM$$4.4
am conservation group 1.5 gpm low flow showerheadAM Conservation Group 1.5 GPM Low Flow Showerhead1.25 GPM$$4.4
american standard flowise water saving showerhead 3American Standard Flowise Water Saving Showerhead1.5 GPM$$4.0
niagara commercial grade high efficiency showerhead 4Niagara 1.5 GPM Commercial Grade High Efficiency Showerhead1.5 GPM$$N/A
delta water amplifying adjustable showerhead 5Delta 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead1.85 GPM$$4.6
american standard flowise function water saving showerhead 6American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water Saving Showerhead1.5 GPM$$4.1
american standard flowise function water saving showerhead 7American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water Saving Showerhead2.0 GPM$$4.0
high sierra's solid metal low flow handheld showerheadHigh Sierra's Solid Metal Low Flow Handheld Showerhead1.5 GPM$$4.9
waterpik ecoflow fixed mount showerhead 9Waterpik Ecoflow Fixed Mount Showerhead1.6 GPM$$3.1
PictureNameFlow RatePriceRating

The Basics: What Exactly Is A Low Flow Shower Head?

A low flow shower head is used to reduce the amount of water that flows through a shower head. A low flow shower head can actually reduce the water flow to half. Such shower heads are becoming very popular by the day.

Such showerheads control the water spray and its direction. The design is such that it reduces the size of the water drops and the angle at which they strike your body. The water consumption is thus considerably reduced.

Low flow showerheads are available in hand-held and fixed-fixture designs. Low flow shower heads are also sold under the category of water conservation shower heads.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of a Low Flow Shower Head

Besides decreasing the household consumption of water by 40-50%, low flow shower heads offer numerous other advantages too.

  • Major cut in the annual energy bill. A cut in the water consumed in the shower area everyday is directly proportional to a cut in the energy bill.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions. Low flow shower heads are very popular with environmentalists as they are very effective in cutting down the carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Aids in conservation of water. Low flow shower heads have been known to reduce the total household water usage by a great margin. And when the figures reflect in your water bill, investing in a low flow shower head will seem like a good decision. And you also get to do your bit for conservation of water.

Selection: Which Low Flow Shower Head is best for me?

Modern age low flow shower heads come with innovative features, which guarantee to add to your bath experience. Consider the following points when looking for a low flow shower head:

  • Models with pause buttons. There are low flow shower heads in the market today with an innovative pause button. You can stop your shower at any moment and go back to it whenever you please. The temperature will not be altered at all.
  • Set your personalized shower time. Certain models of low flow shower heads come with a shower manager; such a feature allows you to control the time period of your shower. You get a 60 second warning after which the flow is reduced to a trickle.
  • Low flow gauge model. Certain models of the low flow shower heads exhibit truly smart thinking. The water flow resembles a trickle until it reaches the desired temperature and then goes full blast when it reaches your desired level. Basically, there will be no wastage of water while you wait.
  • Flexibility is in your hands. You also have the option of choosing a low flow shower head that allows you to have a stronger shower on certain days. The option to reduce and increase the shower pressure is there.
  • Regular, hand held or stationery models. Choose a design according to your convenience. Out of the three categories, the hand-held models of low flow showerheads are generally the most expensive.
  • Aerating or a non-aerating model. An aerating low flow shower head allows air to be incorporated in the water that flows through a shower head. The resultant spray thus created becomes much softer and even. In the non-aerating type, no water is allowed in the water stream. The water spray is much harder in this case and gives the effect of a body massage.
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