A Guide to Buying the Best Kids Shower Head

Kids simply love playing with water, more so when bathing or having a shower. You know how hard it is to contain their excitement during bath time.

For your child, moving out of the baby bathtub to taking a shower is among the early milestones in growing up and becoming independent.

Obvious as it may sound, supervision is necessary during this transition; a kids’ shower head is a very engaging way to introduce young children to the daily habit of showering.

Children’s shower head is installed at a relatively lower height on the bathroom wall so that the falling water does not hurt the tender skin tissues. A detachable handheld showerhead would also do but a child’s shower head is still a better solution.

To keep the fun going, kids’ shower heads are modeled in all kinds of shapes which could be that of an animal or popular cartoon characters. A Mickey Mouse shower head for instance, would attract immediate attention of a child and make the task of getting a reluctant kid to wash up with ease.

These cartoon shower heads may have some additional plastic or rubber, but function normally, mostly on a lower flow rate with a basic spray pattern to keep it comfortable for children.

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The Basics: What Exactly Is A Kids Shower Head?

The functionality of a showerhead for kids is similar to the one designed for adults. It’s just that a showerhead designed for kids looks much more attractive and fun. There are kids’ shower heads that resemble cartoon characters, fish or animals.

A standard kids’ shower head has a very basic working pattern. Such a showerhead is designed to keep the flow to a low level and the spray patterns soft & comfy for a child’s soft skin. The water pressure is purposely kept low in order to keep your child safe and comfortable while in the bath. And if you have been avoiding them, because you thought the installation was cumbersome, let us tell you that anyone with a little DIY experience can do it. In matter of minutes, these kids’ shower heads can be installed in your shower area and are ready to use.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of a Kids Shower Head

If your children are not fond of baths and need a lot of convincing to get clean, then its time you spiked their interest by investing in a fancy kids’ shower head.

  • Shower times will become more fun. Young children can sometimes be very terrified of water and of taking a bath. Others find the whole idea of taking a bath very boring. A creative kid’s shower head will help you in pursuing them to take a bath.
  • Eases the transition phase of childhood. To be able to take a bath independently is an important step of growing up in childhood. Your child may at first be intimidated by a shower that’s too high or too big. A shower head that you specially got for them, will boost their confidence instantly. They will get tempted to give it a try.
  • The spray is easy and much gentler. Kids’ shower heads are designed to create gentle sprays. You children will not be scared to get under them. Once you assure them that this shower head is painless, all reluctance will fly out of the window.
  • Rinsing will be easy for you. Giving a bath to young kids can be very tough, since they can’t wash themselves. Instead of rolling them in water, you can use the shower head to rinse off the soap gently. And the spray is so gentle; your child will be most comfortable.
  • Great for children who are ready to move on to showers from bath. If your children are old enough to take independent showers, then a kid’s shower head is the next step on that road. Try telling your child that he is now ready to take a shower by his personal shower head, and see his confidence boost.

Selection: Which Kids Shower Head is best for me?

A kid’s shower head can make the life of a parent much more easy and fun.

  • Match their interest. Always search for a kids’ shower head model that matches the interest of your child. Does she like pink? Is he particularly attracted to animals?
  • A bright color can do the trick. You might not be able to get the exact cartoon character that he adores, but a bright color might just do the trick too. You can choose from frogs, dolphins and angry birds – they are all there.
  • An adjustable model makes more sense. Since children grow up so quickly, always look for a model that is adjustable and suits your child perfectly. You don’t want to be buying new kids’ shower head every year.
  • Child safe parts. Lastly, ensure that the design is child friendly; there are no small parts or buttons that the child might put in his mouth by mistake. The model should also not have any components that can fall of easily upon some rough handling.
  • Easy installation. Choose a model that can be installed and removed easily. You don’t want to spend all morning trying to do this simple ritual.
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