A Guide to Buying the Best Double Shower Head

A great shower is one of the best comforts of life and sometimes single shower head is just not enough to give you that.

Enlarging the water flow, a double shower head can be both a luxury and a comfort hard to forgo. With two separate streams of shower spray, not only there is more flow per minute but there is also much more spray to go around in.

A double head also enhances the romantic experience of showering with your girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband. A single shower head is simply not enough water or coverage for two.

A steamy double shower is a must for great fun with your partner, which ensures a separate shower stream for the two of you.

To make up for the lost time, such an extended shower also permits you and your partner to shower at the same time to avoid the morning rush hours. Save time, finish your morning chores quickly and say hello to a beautiful day after a refreshing shower, every day.

The best dual shower heads

dual showerhead bar with jet shower heads 1Dual Showerhead Bar with Jet Shower HeadsSide-by-side$$4.5
grohe freehander dual head shower system 2GROHE Freehander Dual Head Shower SystemDouble stack$$4.6
Brushed Nickel Double ShowerheadBrushed Nickel Double ShowerheadSide-by-side$$4.0
ana bath function handheld and showerhead combo 4Ana Bath 5" 5 Function Handheld and Showerhead ComboCombination$$4.5
zoe first mate double shower head system 5Zoe First Mate Double Shower Head SystemSide-by-side$$5.0
speakman alexandria anystream dual shower head combo 6Speakman Alexandria Anystream Dual Shower Head ComboCombination$$4.5
waterpik combination showerhead 7Waterpik Combination ShowerheadCombination$$3.5
waterfall by conservco multnomah showerhead combo pack 8Waterfall by ConservCo Multnomah Showerhead Combo-PackCombination$$3.9

The Basics: What Exactly Is A Dual Shower Head System?

A dual shower head System, as the name suggests, has two heads. If you want to convert your normal bathroom into something that resembles a spa, a dual shower head may be the new accessory you need.

Convenience or luxury – a dual shower head personifies both. Nowadays, a dual shower heads are a set standard in all leading resorts and hotels. You can choose a these shower heads in a wide variety of price ranges today. The double heads come in varied designs. The heads, for instance, can be close to each other either horizontally or vertically.

In some designs, one shower head is static and while the other is a hand held. Dual shower heads are becoming popular by the day and are being chosen for remodeling and up-gradation projects. Besides the added bath luxury that they offer, they are also convenient for the elderly, who can make good use of the handheld secondary shower.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of Double Shower Heads

A double shower head definitely increases the value of your washroom and doubles its functionality. You might have picked it up for your partner or just for yourself. But you are sure to enjoy the shower much more when you feel the water hitting you in a whole new way. Your body warms up faster and you tend to have shorter, more joyful baths. The idea may look impractical at first instance to some, but once you start using it, the comfort is very addictive.

  • You save time in the mornings. Throw in the kids together or share the shower with your better half. Sharing a shower will save precious morning time. No wonder, it implies more intimacy too.
  • Money is saved at the end of the day. When people bathe together, the amount of water being used will be cut into half, bringing down the utility bill considerably.
  • It’s of great help for the elderly. Get a dual head shower, which has one unit as a handheld shower head. The elderly can sit and conveniently take a bath with this combo, without any risk of slipping in the shower area.
  • The flow doubles up. When you take a bath under a double shower head, you enjoy double the flow. The huge flow makes bath times relaxing.
  • The water pressure is adjustable. In a dual shower head, you are able to adjust the pressure settings of the individual shower heads. Adjust the spray at different angle and have a most fulfilling bath.

Selection: Which Double Shower Head is best for me?

Double shower heads come in all kinds of configuration and options. By investing in a one of these shower heads, you will be able to convert a small bathroom into a much more comfortable space. Do read on more to know about the considerations that you should look for.

  • Do a quick survey of your waterproofing. Before adding a second showerhead, consider the layout of your bathroom closely. The layout of the door and the tilt of the tiles will determine the placement. The water needs to hit a waterproofed area essentially.
  • The shower door might need to be changed. The added pressure of the second shower head might cause leakage and damage to the rest of the washroom. A solid door is a must if you are looking to install double shower heads.
  • Get a rain check on the plumbing. You need to be very sure that the plumbing can easily handle the added pressure. The hot water of other bathrooms and the kitchen might have to be reconfigured.
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