Guide to the Best Shower Heads for 2017

A nice shower after a tiresome day relaxes your body and rejuvenates your soul like nothing else. Early morning or late evening, a nice cold or a warm shower can indeed work wonders and you know that. But, a bad shower may do exactly the opposite to the extent of dampening your spirit. So, what makes a nice shower, or, to put it differently, breaks a nice one? While there are number of factors for the same, a proper shower head tops the list.

Whether you love rainfall shower or standard shower, filtered shower or musical shower, it is a QUALITY showerhead that can provide you with all the above mentioned options and a whole lot more. A GREAT showerhead has the right amount of water PRESSURE and shower spray surface area to match your preferences.

thunderhead high pressure rain shower head 1Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Shower HeadRain shower$$4.4
kohler forte single function showerhead 2KOHLER Forte Single Function ShowerheadWall mount$$4.6
culligan filtered showerhead 3Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered ShowerheadFiltered showerhead$$4.3
moen velocity rainshower showerhead 4Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower ShowerheadRain shower$$4.8
hansgrohe raindance downpour shower head 5Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour 10" shower headRain shower$$4.8
speakman s hotel anystream 6Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel AnystreamWall mount$$4.6
ana bath handheld shower and showerhead combo 7Ana Bath 5" Handheld Shower and Showerhead ComboHandheld$$4.6
kohler moxie showerhead and wireless speaker 8KOHLER Moxie Showerhead and Wireless SpeakerBluetooth showerhead$$4.4
knox showerhead music jet bluetooth speaker 9Knox Showerhead & Music Jet Bluetooth SpeakerBluetooth showerhead$$4.8
moen multi function showerhead 10
Moen Multi Function ShowerheadWall mount$$4.7
waterpik aquascape dual mode oval showerhead 11Waterpik AquaScape Dual Mode Oval ShowerheadRain shower$$4.5
magic showerhead color led 12MagicShowerhead SH1026 7 Color LEDLED shower head$$3.8

The Different Types of Shower heads

Sick and tired of your old fashioned showerheads that only offer you too cold or low pressure showers? Are they too LOW, or HIGH on bathroom walls, and difficult to clean?

You can walk right past these problems by using shower head BUYING GUIDES and detailed shower head reviews on this portal. The reviews have been prepared after carefully studying the specs, pros & cons, consumer reviews and feedback from handymen.

There is a large variety of shower heads designed keeping in mind individual customer’s satisfaction and personal tastes, the bathroom décor and, of course, their budgets. The amazing range includes everything from a nice rainfall shower head to the wall mounted ones, the hand held showerheads to the LED lit or ones having Bluetooth speakers.

We have covered different TYPES of shower heads available in the market. You can easily find the one that best matches your taste and preferences.


Hand Held Shower Heads

Handheld showerheads are the BEST alternatives to the mounted showerheads as they allow you to wash hard-to-reach places of your body. It is ALSO a better option to bathe children, older people and your pets with.


While many handheld showerheads come with wall-mounted traditional fixtures, the modern ones are more technologically advanced and allow you to have combination shower. This precisely means, with these newer combo shower head models, you can have both sturdy wall mounted shower head as well as a handheld one to experience the best shower ever. You may use both of them together or SWITCH between the two as and when required.

When it comes to combination showerheads, our top choice would be Ana Bath #5 Combo Shower System. Making use of the latest bathroom technology, this showerhead comes with a nice and sturdy fixed one and a hand holding one, which, on your perusal, you may use at the same time or separately. With over hundred 5 star ratings on Amazon, this combination showerhead is much in demand. However, some people complain about the flow restricting discs of the showerheads which restrict them from having GREAT shower experiences in low water pressure environments. But, you can easily remove them by using simple screwdrivers or even tweezers!

Rain Shower Heads

If you love getting drenched in rain, this type of showerhead may be PERFECT for you. Designed to provide you with a rainfall like experience, albeit much warmer (if you prefer), these rainfall shower heads provide you with an incredibly relaxing shower with much gentler water flow compared to the traditional ones.

moen velocity s6320 rainshower showerheads

When it comes to choosing the best rainfall showerheads, the TOP choice has to be Moen Velocity S6320 Rainshower Showerhead. The best feature of this amazing showerhead is that it comes with two spray settings. You can easily switch between a powerful jet, resembling a traditional spray shower using 30 nozzles, and a rainfall one that uses all the 100 nozzles across its 8” diameter. Backed with a lifetime warranty from Moen, this easy-to-clean and luxurious looking showerhead is indeed the PERFECT CHOICE if you love rain style showers.

LED Showerheads


If you want to jazz up your shower experience by adding lights and color to your shower, these showerheads may interest you a lot. Depending on your personal choice, you can opt for the best LED showerheads for you. For example, some LED showerheads will CHANGE colors based on the type of water—red for hot, green for warm and blue for cold. Some other models will allow you to choose between the “temperature” modes and random colors so that you can enjoy a private shower party always! What is indeed worth looking while purchasing the perfect LED Showerhead is – how LEDs are powered – some showerheads are battery powered while some with in-built turbines generate their own power from the water pressure!

Our top choice while selecting the best LED Showerheads will be Magic Showerhead SH1026. It provides you with a rainbow-like experience by automatically changing 7 different colors every 10 seconds. The colors changes in the same pattern—it starts from white and changes to yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green colors, and the pattern starts from white all over again! It doesn’t need any battery for operation—it uses the water pressure to generate enough electricity to run the LEDs. While it works fine in most households, this showerhead LIMITS the water output to 2.5 GPM. However, if water pressure from the mains is higher, this showerhead will perform much better!

Ceiling Mounted Shower heads

A great alternative to the ceiling mounted showerheads is the wall mounted one. In fact, ceiling mounted ones are sometimes more preferred for they allow MORE room to the taller people as well as suit the aesthetics of smaller bathrooms. The ceiling mounted shower heads generally come with bigger surface areas and therefore, offer much greater coverage overall.
Our FAVORITE one among the ceiling mounted showerheads would be the American Standard 10” Modern Rainshower. Large size and a great rainfall effect make this shower head the perfect wall mounted bathing accessory. However, these types of shower heads come with a disadvantage: the water has to fall extra distance before reaching your body. This makes many people complain of its incapability of producing that extra pressure and warm temperature. The problem may be overcome by installing an extension arm from the ceiling mounted pipe. This would drop the shower head closer to your body resulting in better shower experiences.

Wall Mounted Showerheads


A standard feature in every basic American household, nothing beats the heat as nicely as taking a shower from a simple wall mounted showerhead. To help you experience better showers within a tight budget, different types of amazing and technologically advanced showerheads have been launched. Even if you are living on rentals, you may well change your showerheads and replace the old ones back when your lease ends.

And, when it comes to choosing the best wall mounted showerhead, Speakman Anystream Hotel Massage Showerhead tops our list. It is the standard fitting showerhead in luxury hotels like Mariott and Renaissance group of hotels and resorts, and has the most wonderful five-star rated reviews on Amazon.

With an adjustable dial that allows you to customize the water flow intensity and mix between eight pulsating jets and 40 full body sprayers, this showerhead allows you to have the perfect massage shower suiting your personal needs and choices. Available for less than $35 approximately, this showerhead is indeed a steal!

Novelty Showerheads


Novelty showerheads allow you to make your kids fall in love with showers. Or, it may act as great gift for someone who loves cartoons or has a favorite cartoon character. These inexpensive and FUN heads could be a great way to introduce kids to their first shower once they are old enough to leave their bath tubs.

Our most loved choice in this category would be Rinse Ace—My Own Shower. This showerhead is tailor-made for kids for it allows the showerheads to reach their tiny height and lets them experience a nice shower. It is also fitted to a quick release hose that allows you to remove the hose after shower time to make sure there isn’t any choking accident afterwards. Its suction cup at the back allows you to mount it on the wall to make it your kids’ personal showerhead.

Chlorine Filtering Showerheads


Chlorine treatment in water is very common nowadays for purifying purposes. However, TOO MUCH of chlorine in water can usher in a lot of diseases including rough and dry hair with dandruff and flaky skin with eczema. This is why many people are nowadays switching over to these chlorine-filter showerheads.

Our top pick in this category has to be the Culligan Filtered Showerhead. There are two MAJOR reasons of this pick: firstly, at around $30, it is a great pick; secondly, its filter can screen up to 10,000 gallons of water which roughly translates to six months of regular usage. Thanks to its amazing reports to curb eczema and other chlorine-related diseases, this showerhead has received more than 480 Five Star reviews on Amazon. It’s a must-have showerhead in everyone’s household to treat chlorine-abused water.

Showerheads with Speakers


If you’re a bathroom singer, then you may perfect your talent better by switching from our old showerheads to these new ones with speakers. Some showerheads with speakers come with traditional AM/FM Radio while the more advanced ones come with Bluetooth connectivity to help you stream your favorite songs from your cell phones.

Our FAVORITE pick in this category would be the Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Bluetooth Speaker. This is by far the best product that offers you an amazing spray pattern showerhead along with a great speaker that produces quality sound. The Bluetooth speaker in this unit is attached magnetically. This means that you can detach it when you please to charge the in-built Lithium-ion battery; the battery run time is a whopping 7 hours. And, the best part is, the speaker doesn’t stop the moment you put off the shower. You can ALWAYS carry the speaker along while you get ready, and groove a bit MORE to your favorite tracks.

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