Ultimate Guide to the Best Rain Shower Head (Updated for 2017)

Did you ever venture out in rainy afternoons, just so you could feel the raindrops falling on your face? Have you ever enjoyed getting yourself soaking wet in rains? Chances are that you have. The whole experience is amazing, we know. The pleasure it gives is simple and natural at the outset.

But, it isn’t very practical to go out and stand in the backyard to enjoy a rain shower each time you need one. It’s okay to entertain the child-in-you once in a while but not always. For children and adults both, there is an easier way out – install a rainshower head in the washroom. Without having to step out of your bathroom, this type of shower head enables you get the feel of dancing in the rain.

The water drops fall as gently as the natural raindrops. Ranging from a cold to warm rain-feel, shower experience with a good quality rainshower head is cozy and comfy.

Our Pick: The best rain shower heads available today

waterpik drenching rain fall showerhead 1Waterpik Drenching Rain Fall Showerhead6" Round$$4.5
rozin bathroom 20 nches chrome brass rain showerheadRozin Bathroom 20 Inches Chrome Brass Rain Showerhead5 ¾" x 10" Oval$$3.5
hansgrohe <br />
raindance downpour AIR showerhead 3Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead10" Round$$4.8
moen velocity rainshower 4Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower8" Round$$4.8
american standard rain easy clean showerhead 5American Standard 8-Inch Rain Easy Clean Showerhead8" Round$$4.5
12 inch large square ultra thin rain showerhead12 Inch Large Square Ultra Thin Rain Showerhead8" Square$$4.4
delta touch clean raincan showerhead 7Delta Touch-Clean Raincan Showerhead8 ¾" Round$$4.8
american standard modern rain easy clean showerhead 8American Standard 10" Modern Rain Easy Clean Showerhead10" Round$$4.1
grohe rainshower shower head 9Grohe Rainshower Shower Head6 ¼" Round$$4.4
grohe rainshower shower head 10Grohe Rainshower Shower Head8" Round$$4.7
alfl solid round ultra thin rain shower head 11ALFI 16-Inch Solid Round Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head16" Round$$4.9
kohler contemporary round rain showerhead 12KOHLER 8-Inch Contemporary Round Rain Showerhead8" Round$$4.8
Picture NameSizePriceRating

Basics: What exactly is a rain shower head?

A rain shower head is ideally designed to mimic rainfall in your shower area; these shower heads basically help you bring a little of the outdoors into your bathroom in a controlled fashion. Depending upon the settings chosen for your shower, you can enjoy a torrential rain storm or have a milder, drizzling rain experience.

A typical rain shower head has a perforated disc with tiny nodules emerging out of its surface; water flowing out of the holes takes the form of droplets and nodules keep the flow of water focused, thus creating a steady stream of rainfall droplets of water in your shower. The disc is usually placed directly above the shower area so that you can enjoy your daily deluge by standing right beneath it. Some shower models are mounted on the bathroom walls with the help of an extension arm. Showerheads with a combo design can be placed directly overhead in the shower area or projected out of the wall at a desired angle; you just have to move the shower head’s arm around its swivel joint.

Advanced rainfall shower heads available nowadays have built-in pulsating mechanism in place; such shower heads can effectively transform a spray of water into small droplets. More sophisticated models of rain shower heads have randomized settings, offering you a whole bunch of rainshower experiences to choose from; you can gently douse yourself in a spa rainshower, opt for a vigorous rain massage or thoroughly rinse out the shampoo foam by turning on the drenching rain storm setting!

Rain shower heads nowadays come in a variety of different materials and finishes such as brass, chrome, steel, bronze, etc. to suit the varied requirements of bathrooms.

Plus Points: The Benefits of a rainfall shower head

  • More luxurious and playful shower. Rainshowers, hot, lukewarm or cold depending upon the season and your preferences, are highly rejuvenating; every morning or evening (or the day in between if you don’t go out much), you will have a customized raincloud ready to give you a luxurious and refreshing shower.
  • Play sport or go to Gym? You will love it. A gentle shower under a rain showerhead after playing sport, or for relaxation in between is excellent; you can switch on the ‘water saving trickle’ setting for a soothing shower or go for a pulsating rain massage in case your muscles have turned sore.
  • Better coverage and more satisfying shower experience. A rain shower head will distribute hundreds and thousands of tiny droplets of water all over your body; so you will never need to move around too much in the shower area to wash off the shampoo or when you want to rinse hard to reach areas; with a rainfall shower head, all this is easy
  • Not one but many options to choose from. There are different seasons, clouds and rains. When nature has so much variety on offer, why should your daily shower, an activity you indulge in to wash off not just dirt and muscle soreness but also mental physique, be all the same-old every day!
  • Add a classy appeal to your bathroom. There is no denying to the fact that a rainshower head looks great in an expensive hotel room; choose the right material, finish and it can definitely add that classy touch to your bathroom as well!

Selection: Which is the best rain showerhead for you?

  • How big? In this case, well, bigger is better. Just don’t pick it as the only selection criterion. A showerhead with a disc size diameter to the tune of around 8 to 10 inches works for most bathrooms.
  • Low on budget? If you are just getting a new showerhead as a temporary replacement, you may not want to spend too much; go for a simpler design having just one rainfall shower setting.
  • Want more options? Choose from the best rain shower heads that have multiple spray settings; strong torrents of rainfall, drizzling, massage or anything else that you want – read through the feature list of a product carefully to determine whether a rainfall shower head has got all the spray settings you may possibly want.
  • Consider installation: Replacing old showerheads or installing new ones (with new wall mounts and arms) is generally an easy, do-it-yourself task but you should still give it a consideration. What if you need hire a handyman for installation of a specific model of rain shower head? In that case you need to factor the handyman service costs for budget estimation.
  • What kind of shower arm is best? It depends on what you want and how your bathroom has been modeled. A rainfall shower head can be mounted on the ceiling, or projected out of the wall with an arm. In case there is a shower arm in your bathroom already, you need to ensure that it goes well with the new model of rain showehead you are buying
  • Does it complement the bathroom? Consider the fixtures already installed and overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

Reviews – Top 5 Rated Rainfall showerheads

Review: Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR

hansgrohe raindance downpour air showerhead
For many of us, shower area is where time just seems to pass us by. It is a place for us to reset and reboot ourselves. Is bathroom time really important to you? It probably is. May be that’s why you are taking out time to research and find the best shower head for yourself! You could have just walked into a brick and mortar store in your neighborhood and picked out a random shower piece.

You could perhaps settle for a cheap shower head model with basic functionality that would last about a year but you almost certainly are in a mood to go for a better shower now. In this shower head review, we introduce you to Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead – a high quality brass shower head that promises a consistent shower experience. It’s not dirt cheap; it’s made in brass after all.  But remember that you get what you pay for.

Main features of the Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Shower head

The Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Shower head can be classified as a truly high-performance bathroom accessory. Hansgrohe as a brand is known to be committed to good construction quality, ultimate designs and superior shower performance.

An oversized shower head, it infuses standard water with the vitality of compressed air. Made of top quality material, it boasts of 180 spray channels that do not clog. They are empowered with an inbuilt self-cleaning system; this system ensures that there is no hard water build-up. So if you live in an area where the water from the mains is hard, this Downpour AIR Shower head may be just the right choice for you.

The features of this shower head are no doubt impressive. Take a look at some more:

  • Extra wide shower head. The shower head is 95 inches wide. Expect a much bigger coverage than a standard shower head.
  • Rainfall effect and intense shower. The flow of the water resembles gentle rain. You can also change the setting to an intense power shower.
  • Exceptional design and look. The shower head looks extremely durable and stylish in a fully chrome finish.
  • QuickClean anti-calcification function. Cleaning the lime scale deposits is as simple as rubbing the silicon nozzles.
  • Impressive delivery. The Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Shower head delivers five gallons of water every minute.
  • Heavy duty ball joint. The superior performance is due the presence of a joint which minimizes the risk of damage and other dysfunctions.

Main Advantages of the Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR

When you choose a product from Hansgrohe, it comes with a century of experience and master craftsmanship. In this shower head, for instance, you get to see the innovative AirPower technology in action. The water is mixed with air in order to create a gentle rain shower or a powerful massage effect. The rain shower head has a fine modern design and great style. The water infused with air ensures that that you get an invigorating shower every time.

The Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Shower head is a value investment for many years. Here are few more benefits that the shower head offers:

  • Made in solid brass. Unlike other shower heads, which are only coated with brass polish, this one is made in pure brass. No wonder it costs more, and also lasts really very long.
  • Consistent performance. The shower experience from this shower head is consistent and reinvigorating. And since it stays clog free, you stay stress free.
  • Easy maintenance. The shower head requires very little maintenance once installed.
  • Stylish and classy. Your bathroom will be totally upgraded to the highest level if you install this shower head. Very few shower heads can compete with it.

Is Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR worth buying?

Over the years, customers have appreciated the technology used by Hansgrohe Raindance shower head and the great comfort standards it matches. The only downside of this shower device  is the price. Many customers on Amazon report the prices to be a little exorbitant. But as stated earlier also, when you compare its performance and quality to the price, it turns out to be a sound long term investment. Click here to compare prices and buy this showerhead at the minimum price online.

Reivew: Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Shower head with Filter

culligan raindisc rdsh c115 showerhead with filter
Does your hair feel dry and rugged even after a shampoo, or does your skin never feel fresh? You might have been blaming you soap brand but in fact the fault lies in your water and the inability of your shower head to clean it.

The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter is certified by the NSF International. The shower head actually manages to improve the quality of water that flows through it. It is called by most users as a ‘better shower’ that delivers ‘better water,’ when compared to the rest in the same league. It works efficiently up to 10,000 gallons of water.

The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Shower head with Filter is a fine example of innovative technology working at grass root level to benefit the common masses.

What is the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115?

The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Shower head with Filter has an inbuilt cartridge that lowers the level of sulfur, odor and scaling in the water. The unit can be easily installed in any existing shower arm. There is no need to call in a local handyman for the job.

You get a spa like shower experience in your bathroom; you also have the satisfaction that the water falling on your body is free of numerous chemical impurities.

Culligan is a brand that has been long associated with water filtering products. The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Shower head with Filter does filtration in two levels. By the time the water passes through the second phase of filtering, almost 97% traces of chlorine have been removed. By now, you will not be able to smell any sulfur odors. The water will be softer in your shower and you will immediately feel the difference in your skin and hair.

The cartridge has a life of 6 months of continuous use. You need no tools for installation in your shower and it can be adjusted according to your height very conveniently.

What are the Best Features of the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Shower?

Have a look at the features of this innovative rain shower head.

  • Effective cleaning of water. The filter is capable of cleaning ninety seven percent chlorine, sulfur and scales in your shower.
  • WHR – 140 filter. The cartridge is capable of processing 10,000 gallons of water. The cartridge is of superior charcoal that works effectively against all kinds of impurities to give you that great shower experience.
  • Fully certified by NSF International. The product is fully compliant with the guidelines laid out by the international authority.
  • You can either pick just the shower head or order the adjustable shower arm with it too.
  • Superior polish. The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Shower head with Filter comes in polished chrome.
  • Resistant to atmosphere. The product is resistant to corrosion, is waterproof, rust resistant and leak proof too.

Main Advantages of the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115

In the market today, you will find other rainfall shower heads which will easily cost several times more than the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Shower head with Filter, but will have no added filter. Before you order a shower head for your household, have a look at its main benefits.

  • Value for money. The biggest advantage of the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 showerhead is its additional feature of the filter and optimum price.
  • Culligan is a reputed name. The filters from Culligan are known for their quality. There is no reason for you to be worried whether the filter will deliver on its promises or not. It sure will.
  • The parts may be of plastic but they are durable enough.

The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Shower head with Filter definitely performs well and gets high ratings from most users on sites like Amazon. If cleaner, healthier showers are important for you; this may just be the right rain shower head for you. It’s made in plastic and this may be a turn off for some users but at this price, the shower head delivers value for every penny you pay. If you want superior construction quality, you can go for all metal shower heads that cost around 4 or 5 times more. Click here to find this shower head at the best price online.

Review: Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rainfall Showerhead

waterpik rpb 173 drenching rainfall shower head
Are you looking for a flooding type of shower rather than stinging needles? How about something that will fit the pocket very well and also offer an amazing rainfall shower? Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rainfall Shower head is what you need.

It has the ability to provide the prefect rain shower, every day and for many years at a stretch. The amount of power in the rainfall can be adjusted with the help of a flow regulator. In addition, the rain shower head is also completely adjustable.

You can enjoy a vertical shower on some days, and on the other days, you can adjust it for an angular shower.

What are the Main Features of Waterpik RPB-173?

The Waterpik RPB-173 is a classic model. With a 6 inches rain face, it elevates your shower experience to a whole new level. Your daily deluge is set to become a whole lot more joyful with this drenching rainfall shower head.

The RPB-173 has a very high user rating on Amazon. Unlike other rainfall shower heads, this model can be easily mounted on the bathroom wall. The experience of taking a shower can be compared to droplets of rain falling on your body in a gentle caress as you can see in this video.

The round shower head is wide enough to offer you full coverage. Despite being wall mounted, this rain shower head can be moved to any angle due to its arm. Users including you or family members may be of any height; the shower head can adjusted accordingly.

The RPB-173 is one of the most successful models of rain shower heads in the market today. For the price that you pay for it, this indeed is a good deal.

  • Impressive flow rate. At standard 2.5gpm, the water from this shower head flows at a good pressure.
  • Wide enough shower head. The diameter of the shower head is six inches wide, which promises to give you full coverage.
  • Designer arm. The main USP if this model is its designer adjustable arm. Other wall mounted rainfall showers will hardly offer you this flexibility.
  • Booted with OptiFlow technology. The model promises superior performance in your shower with OptiFlow tech.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty. The shower unit comes with a warranty from the house of Waterpik.

Main Advantages of the Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rainfall Shower head

Waterpik Showerheads are known for their versatility and durability. The company offers you hundreds of models of shower devices to choose from. Most products come with a lifetime warranty at competitive prices. So if you are looking for a showerhead which is affordable and stylish at the same time, you know what to begin your search with. Waterpik holds a solid reputation for shower products and manages to get great user reviews on popular retail sites like Amazon every time.

The RPB-173 offers you the following advantages.

  • Great user reviews. The showering products usually gets very high ratings from users.
  • Adjustable flow. If you think that the shower flow is not up to your mark, just remove the flow regulator. Problem solved.
  • Very affordable. The RPB-173 shower device breathes a new lease of life in your bathroom and is totally worth the price that you pay for it.
  • Choices in spray settings. You can choose from a full-body shower power spray, pulsating rain shower or a drenching rain shower.
  • Excellent design. It is the design of this great rain shower head that will impress you in one go.
  • Easy installation. You can install the showerhead yourself. There is no need to call in a handyman for it.

The finish of this showerhead might wear off over a period of time. But, you will not being a whopping $200 for it. Its performance will remain steady for many years to come. On the whole the showerhead, will deliver a decent performance. Click here to check online consumer reviews of this rainfall showerhead at Amazon.

Review: Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Showerhead

hansgrohe raindance air s150 3 jet showerhead
Don’t we all just love a refreshing shower? But, not all rain shower heads are made equal; not all models can give consistent results. Many of them don’t provide an optimal level of water output in the shower, and very few come with options to adjust the shower level. If a set of options are available to personalize your shower experience, the showerhead models are generally very expensive.

But you know there are exceptions in everything out there in the world; for instance, when it comes to spicing up your daily deluge without having to shell out a fortune, the Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Showerhead emerges as one of the best choices, an exception in its segment given the low price and great value.

Hansgrohe needs very little introduction. From hand showers to showerheads, they create just about every other bathroom accessory for consumers worldwide.  The designs are ultimate and they are undisputed champions when it comes to shower accessory’s functionality and material quality too. When you order the Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Showerhead, you instantly raise your shower experience to an invigorating one.

What are the Features of Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Shower?

Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Shower head promises to make your shower experience heavenly. The model is a fine example of centuries of craftsmanship. The cascade of warm water is sure to refresh your body and reinvigorate you in the shower.

It is one of the major innovations that display Air Power technology of the house of Hansgrohe. The water jets mix water and air to convert the spray from your shower into gentle rain. This shower model also comes with a quick clean feature; it is therefore easy to tackle the lime scale deposits. When you have 100 years of experience behind a product, it has to be a winner.

The Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Shower head has distinct features and superior performance levels which makes i, one of the most popular Raindance shower heads in the market. Here’s a list of its features you’d like to know more about:

  • Very wide in diameter. The shower head has a 5-3/8 inch face diameter; showers emerging from the showerhead will envelope your full body in warm water. You can be sure of that.
  • Three spray patterns. This Raindance shower head lets you choose from different spray patterns. You can go for whirl air, air or balance air spray modes.
  • High number of spray channels. The showerhead comes with 86 n-clog spray channels, giving you a glimpse of the power of the shower.
  • Advanced cleaning system. The model runs on innovative technology that prevents the shower sprays from getting clogged.

Biggest Benefits of Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet

Advantages of the Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Shower head are sure to impress all users who are looking to upgrade their shower with a sound, one-time investment.

  • Efficiency galore. The Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Shower head is designed to be an ultimate, efficient bathroom accessory. Money, energy or water – the shower head helps you ‘save more’ in all three areas.
  • Massive savings on water. The rain shower head can save you 3600 gallons of water on a yearly basis. That is equivalent to the load of 88 laundries.
  • Eco friendly. When you install a Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Shower head, you can have the peace of mind that you are doing your bit to save the planet; there will be fewer, about 250 to 700lbs of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Essential savings. You can expect savings to the tune of $55- $84 in your pocket.
  • Popular massage function. The ‘massage’ function in the Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Showerhead relaxes the body and leaves you feeling fresh and energized.
  • Vertical Rain shower. Due to the world famous Air injection technology from Hansgrohe you feel that you are actually standing in rain.

One problem you may face with this showerhead is common to almost all models of rain showerheads. At times, you may find it hard to wash off soap bubbles or shampoo. Whirling setting of the showerhead can help you deal with this problem. Since you get to choose from a set of spray patterns, the showerhead may malfunction after prolonged use. Such issues are covered by manufacturer’s warranty and shouldn’t worry you.

If a rainfall shower every morning or evening is what you have in mind, this showerhead is a good buy. It’s better than most other showerheads in this segment. Click here to compare prices or buy this rain showerhead online at Amazon.

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