Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Shower Panels

Having a shower or bathing was never so spoilt for choice. There is no dearth of options for you to choose from. In fact, it may be difficult for you to take a call on what you should pick and choose. This is when you may want to consider a shower panel.

Employing cutting edge technology, a shower-panel’s multi-functionality permits you the luxury of a variety of showering options, be it a rain shower, a hand held one, waterfall or even a horizontal massage sprayer – it’s all there.

This all-in-one showering system truly makes bathing a 5 star experience. This sturdy and stylish bath accessory is available in a variety of designs that can be made of stainless steel, tempered glass, aluminum or other alloys.

blue ocean stainless steel shower panel 1Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Shower Panel52"$$$4.8
blue ocean stainless steel thermostatic shower panel 2
Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Thermostatic Shower Panel
akdy tempered glass shower panel 3AKDY Tempered Glass Shower Panel51"$$$4.5
blue ocean stainless steel shower panel 4Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Shower Panel59"$$$5.0
vantory multi function stainless steel waterfall shower panelVantory Multi-Function Stainless Steel Waterfall Shower Panel57"$$$4.1

fresca verona stainless steel shower panel 7
Fresca Verona Stainless Steel Shower Panel60"$$4.9
esnbia luxury high pressure brushed nickel-rain showerEsnbia Luxury High Pressure Brushed Nickel Rain Shower52"$$$4.3
decor star stainless steel shower panel 8Decor Star Stainless Steel Shower Panel68"$$$4.4
blue ocean stainless steel shower panel 9Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Shower Panel48"$$4.7
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The Basics: What Exactly Is A Shower Panel?

A shower panel is a ‘complete’ showering unit. Many people fondly call it a walk-in shower and it’s an excellent alternative to conventional bathroom fixtures such as handheld shower heads and wall mounted shower heads.

A typical shower panel from a good brand has a minimum of a shower head, multiple body sprays and a handle. A more expensive shower panel may have multiple handles and a handheld shower head. Some shower panels even have LED lights.

So a shower panel basically offers a smart combination of different functions. Plus, you get to choose the number of spigots and even their placements. You can custom design the volume of water by controlling the output and include desired number of spray options at different positions.

The design comprises of shower heads connected to a piping for the water to pass through. With innovations in bathroom accessories continuing unabated, dynamic shower panels are the latest in the market today.

You can choose from shower panels made in steel, tempered glass, hardwood, plastic or aluminum. Imagine taking a bath in a glass shower head? Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

The variety in designs and the prices shower panels command can be bewildering. However, consumers can choose a decent panel and still enjoy a 5 star like experience in the comfort of their homes.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of Shower Panels

  • Spice up your showers. Shower panels offer you a wide variety of options for upgrading your shower experience. Waterfall, rainfall or a handheld shower – you’ve got it all at the price of one!
  • Your bathroom a style statement. Shower panels are the in things. Your bathroom will definitely look more trendy and modern. And needless to mention, your bath will definitely be more enjoyable.
  • Do the new. Now that you have used a wall mounted shower head (and possibly a handheld shower head too) for some time, how about picking up the latest bathroom accessory?
  • Make your bathroom look bigger. Shower panels become the highlight of the washroom. They make them look chic instantly.
  • There is a combo for every member of the family. Shower panels come with so many different combinations that every member of the family can enjoy the kind of shower he or she likes the most.

Selection: Which Handheld Shower Panel is best for me?

Now that you are toying with the idea of installing a modern shower panel, why not read a bit more on how to choose the best model for yourself. After all, not all shower panels are created equal and not all consumers have the same taste and needs.

  • The design is foremost. The first thing you need to have clarity about is the design of the shower panel. It should match your needs; choose between the one made with steel or glass. Take your time and don’t rush into it.
  • Look for value for money. You can get cheap but decent panels if you need to use them in short term. For long term use, you can go for designer shower panels that are somewhat expensive. Remember that bathroom renovations can’t be planned often. Make a sound investment.
  • Simple and easy to understand settings. Shower panels from different companies come with their unique settings. Look for a panel that has simple, easy to understand instructions. A shower panel that elders in the family can’t use simply because its controls are too complicated is no good, is that not so?
  • The exterior design should complement the mechanics. It needs to be remembered that the purpose of the exterior design is to protect the intricate inner mechanics. It is in fact the skin of the shower panel and hence should be given most importance.
  • Choose a panel that suits your personality. Shower panels come in all price ranges and in different kinds of materials. It is the material of the panel which actually determines its design. Choose between plastic, metal or even hardwood if you are in the mood to be really extravagant. However, the choice in colors is the widest in plastic.
  • Functionality needs to be reviewed. Before deciding on a shower panel, ensure that you read consumer reviews. Any feedback on the water pressure and temperature needs to be taken very seriously.
  • Decide on the features you want. A shower panel may even have a speaker, FM radio, LED lights, pressure regulator, sensors and other such features. It’s obvious that a shower panel with more features is likely to be more expensive. If you don’t need such features, just look for the basics.
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