A Guide to the Best Handheld Shower Head

How joyful your shower experience really is, has a lot to do with the type and quality of showerhead you have. Handheld shower heads, for instance, allow you to maneuver a stream of water; there’s a great deal of flexibility you get with this type of showerheads.

Young children, elderly in the family or those in between – a handheld shower head works well for everyone. In the shower area, for instance, you no longer need to move a child around the stream of water coming off a mounted shower head.  You can just hold the showerhead in your hands and move it around a child’s head. That’s comforting for you and the child both.

Handheld showerheads are also fun for little older kids who no longer require assistance. Older folks generally have trouble moving around in shower areas and needless to mention, there are chances of slipping and accidental falls too. With a handheld shower head reviews, all such possibilities are eliminated. The shower head with a controlled stream of water can just be pointed on the head, moved over the chest or below the arms. If you have decided to purchase one and are researching the best handheld shower head to purchase, you have come to the right place.  We have done all the hard work for you.  You can read our comprehensive hand held shower head reviews to compare the top products and make your purchase easier.

delta in2ition two in one shower arm mounted handheld 1Delta In2ition Two-In-One Shower Arm Mounted HandheldHandheld - Arm Mount$$4.3
delta seven spray hand shower 2Delta Seven-Spray Hand ShowerHandheld - Arm Mount$$4.3
peerless spray massage combo shower 3Peerless 3-Spray/Massage Combo ShowerCombo System$$4.4
american standard traditional function complete hand shower 4American Standard Traditional 5-Function Complete Hand ShowerHandheld with Slide Bar$$4.9
rejuvenator micro bubble hand held showerhead 5Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Hand Held ShowerheadHandheld with Mount$$4.7
ana bath function handheld shower and showerhead combo 6Ana Bath 5" 5 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead ComboCombo System$$4.6
hansgrohe croma jet hand shower 7Hansgrohe Croma C 100 3-Jet Hand ShowerHandheld Head Only$$4.7
delta slide bar hand shower system 8Delta Slide Bar Hand Shower SystemHandheld with Slide Bar$$4.7
Briout 5 Spray Handheld Showerhead Briout 5 Spray Handheld ShowerheadHandheld Head Only$$4.6
waterpik mode massage handheld shower 10Waterpik 6-Mode Massage Handheld ShowerHandheld with Mount$$3.9
delta arm mount massage handshower system 11Delta Arm Mount Massage Handshower SystemHandheld - Arm Mount$$4.5
kohler flipside handshower 12KOHLER Flipside HandshowerHandheld Head Only$$4.0
moen five function hand shower with hose and bracket 13Moen 4" Five Function Hand Shower with 59" Hose and BracketHandheld - Arm Mount$$4.1
speakman caspian anystream high pressure handheld shower 14Speakman Caspian Anystream High Pressure Handheld ShowerHandheld - Arm Mount$$4.0

The Basics: What Exactly Is A Handheld Shower Head?

A handheld shower head is not stationery. It can be detached from a wall mount, fixed or stationery; with a versatile design, it offers a more joyful shower experience.

A handheld shower head has a clip mount, and a flexible hose. The hose is connected to the water supply and the clip mount is used to place the showerhead on the wall or on a wall mounted shower arm.

Handheld showerheads have multiple spray settings i.e. you can easily control the flow of water stream. Some handheld showerheads may result in a shaky deluge in the event they are placed on the fixed shower wall with water pressure high. This problem has been effectively solved by newer, combo designs.

Combo designs available nowadays integrate the features of a handheld and fixed showerhead. Press a button or twist a knob and you can easily switch between the two.

From advanced plastics and chrome to nickel, bronze, stainless steel and brass, handheld shower heads can be found in different finishes and styles depending on how you want to spice up your shower area.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of Hand Held Shower Heads

  • Aim where you need action. NO more twisting your neck and bending your back, moving around the showerhead or having a hard time pointing water stream at hard-to-reach places
  • Low water pressure? No problem. You can just move a handheld shower head closer to yourself if the water pressure from the mains pipes or storage tanks isn’t high enough; even a less intense spray water will help you properly rinse your body and have a delightful daily deluge
  • Sensitive skin? It’s gentle. The young & old in your home, and others with sensitive skin will no longer need to bathe in water falling off from a height at a potentially damaging pressure; a handheld showerhead can give provide a full body rinse even with a weaker stream of water
  • Perfect for Children. Direct a gentle spray of water where you want to, wash off the soap easily and keep yourself dry.
  • Perfect for pets. You don’t have to invest in a dog washer. And you know just how difficult it can be to move a dog around a running stream of water; why not just move the stream instead
  • Convenience for the elderly. The seniors in your home aren’t physically as strong and flexible as the young; with a handheld showerhead at their disposal, they can easily have a joyful shower without having to push their muscle strength to the limit
  • Showerhead is mobile and fixed both. A combo handheld showerhead doubles up as a fixed showerhead.

Selection: Which Handheld Shower Head is best for me?

According to National Geographic Channel, an average person takes roughly around 28,000 showers in a lifetime. Hand held shower heads are no doubt better than the rest but the same model won’t suit the needs of every person.

Handheld showerheads from different brands and in different price brackets come with different types of features.  Here’s what you may want to consider for finding a handheld shower head that’s best for you:

Arm extension: A handheld showerhead can be placed on a wall mounted arm; some models have extensible shower arms; so when the showerhead is mounted, its height can be adjusted. 

Convenience: A rubber grip, for example, will make it easy for you to hold the shower head when it’s wet; other materials may also offer a good grip; take a closer look at the pictures of the shower head

Cut-off valves: These allow you to stop the stream of water while shampooing; you’d also be consuming less water.

Do You Need Filters? – Newer showerheads come with filters for the removal of various contaminants (and chlorine) that can damage the skin or hair; you may want a handheld shower head with these features if water supply in your area is known to carry chlorine or contaminants.

Length of hose and size of head – Hose length in most handheld showerheads is more than sufficient but you don’t want the rubber hose to be too long; same holds true for the size of head too.

Looks: Go for a style and finish that best compliments your bathroom’s existing design and appearance; if you are remodeling the shower area completely, you may want to have a word with your handyman.

Choose a good brand – Avoid handheld shower heads that are offered at throwaway prices; you get what you pay for. Needless to mention, bathroom remodeling is done once in a decade at most.

Consider your current shower setup – Will a new handheld showerhead model you like go well with your existing shower setup? Scan through the product specs and pictures. You may also need to get new mountings for the best fit.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN Handheld & Showerhead Combo

ana bath ss5450cbn handheld showerhead combo
We all yearn for a comb shower experience at one point of the other, don’t we? But the sky rocketing cost of such showers often dissuades us from investing in them. If this is the reason why you haven’t used a multi-function showerhead so far, try the all new Combo Showerhead from Ana Bath.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN  is pocket friendly, durable and will fit within a single plumbing fixture.

Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower

speakman vs 3014 caspian anystream handheld shower
Do you wish to upgrade your bathroom décor? It will cost money, no doubt, but you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars! You can upgrade few fixtures & accessories at a time and slowly transform your bathroom into a luxurious bath, the kind that hotels and resorts have.

In showerheads, you may consider Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower. This classic beauty fits well into all standard US plumbing connections, and its self-cleaning nozzles ensure consistent shower experience, even after having been used for a long time by all family members.

Waterpik TRS-553 Elements 5-Mode Handheld Shower

waterpik trs 553 elements 5 mode handheld shower
For those of you on a budget and looking for a modern shower with traditional elegance, the Waterpik TRS-553 Elements 5-Mode Handheld Shower is a great choice. High on functionality, low on cost – this is the USP of the showerhead. In comparison to standard showers that offer a restricted flow of 2.5 GPM, Waterpik TSR-553 offers as much as 30% more water force. What else could anyone in love with high power showers ask for?

Culligan HSH-C135 Level 2 Handheld Filtered Shower Head

culligan hsh c135 level 2 handheld filtered shower head

Is your hair constantly losing luster and your skin its glory? Have they gone so dry and flaky that no amount of conditioners and moisturizers seem to help? Among other factors, polluted water could be one of the reasons behind this mess. You can beget your amazing skin and hair once again by replacing your old showerhead with the new Culligan Hand-held Filtered Showerhead.

Being hand-held, this showerhead helps you to target specific areas; you will have a comfy & luxurious shower every time. Designed perfectly to suit your existing standard plumbing, it needs no extra labor or tools for installation. That means additional savings as you need not call in a handyman for installation.

We hope you found our comparison guide helpful in your search for top products for your bathroom.

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