An Ultimate Guide to Buying Shower Kits

A top of the line shower kit can turn around an everyday tiled washroom into a state of the art shower cubical, giving you a comfortable start every morning. No wonder, an increasing large number of home owners are opting for these shower kits.

They are ideal for new and old bathrooms. They look trendy and can be installed at a very short notice. What’s more is that prefabricated solutions are no longer limited by the range of materials available. There is a huge variety in designs, sizes and colors to choose from.

The most common materials used for these showers are acrylic or fiberglass. They come in one piece shower kit or a multiple pieces kit that fit and are sealed together into a waterproof body anytime, anywhere.

Above all, prefabricated showers save you plenty of money and time. Ideal for small bathrooms, they serve their purpose well, without occupying too much space.

swan sk366296.010 36 inch white shower kitSwan SK366296.010 36 Inch White Shower Kit36"62"5.0
dreamline neo angle qwall 4 shower backwall kitDreamLine Neo-Angle QWALL-4 Shower Backwall Kit42"42"1.0
ove decors breeze 34 shower kit paris glass without wallsOve Decors Breeze 34 Shower Kit Paris Glass without Walls34"34"4.1

ove breeze shower kit with acrylic base and walls 4
OVE Breeze-34 Shower Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls and Clear Glass Sliding Door34"34"N/A
dreamline infinity z 30 inch frosted sliding shower doorDreamLine Infinity-Z 30 Inch Frosted Sliding Shower Door60"30"3.0
ove breeze premium shower Kit with acrylic base 6OVE Breeze-38 Premium Shower Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls and Clear Glass Sliding Door38"38"5.0
ove breeze premium shower kit with acrylic base 7OVE Breeze-36 Premium Shower Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls and Clear Glass Sliding Door36"36"4.2
sterling plumbing solitaire neo angle shower kit 8Sterling Plumbing Solitaire Neo Angle Shower Kit30"30"N/A

The Basics: What Exactly Is A Shower Kit?

You might have been postponing the up-gradation of your bathroom, considering the fact that it is a tedious affair.  A shower kit can save you all the hassle and make the project very simple.

A shower kit, simply put, is dissembled fabricated pieces of the shower panel, which can be fit together easily. Shower kits are available as single piece units or multi piece units too. The former are ideal for homes under constructions, and the later for bathroom up-gradations of older homes. They are mostly sold in three compact pieces – the floor, back and front panels and the door.

Investing in a shower kit is a cost-effective method to give your bathroom a makeover. They are available in all kinds of styles and can express the personal style of the user.

Shower kits are generally made of fiber glass or acrylic, a material, which is durable and easy to clean. The kit is designed to offer convenience and functionality. It can be installed as soon as it arrives.

Most shower kits come with a unique shower head, but do check at the time of placing the order if it is included in the package or not. Every kit also comes with a set of instructions, which must be followed to the point in order to get best results.

A good quality shower kit, when chosen wisely, can give a makeover to any ordinary tiled washroom and offer a great start to your day.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of Shower Kits

A shower kit is an innovative solution that offers you the opportunity to upgrade your bathroom by a simple DIY installation project. They are easy and seamless. Read on more to know why investing in a shower kit may turn out to be a great decision.

  • They are easy to install and don’t need all day. The most important reason for ordering a shower kit is that you can take it up as a do-it-yourself project and upgrade your bathroom in no time. Just follow the instructions, carefully.
  • No dealing with tile grout. Your days of cleaning the muck in the tiles will become a thing of the past. Fiber glass panels are very easy to clean.
  • No need to wait for the tiles to dry. Unlike a conventional make-over, in a shower kit, you just need to install the kit and forget about it. You might have to wait for a day before using the bathroom, but no waiting for the tiles to be cut and dried.
  • Much lighter than conventional showers. Does your house has weak and tweaky joints? A shower kit may suit your purpose perfectly.
  • You will be glad to see minimal cracking. In a conventional makeover, there are high chances of a traditional shower cracking under heavy movement. But since shower kits are made of fiber glass, they just go with the flow. They might bend, but never crack under pressure.
  • More saving. They are much more economical than traditional showers and give you much lesser to deal with.
  • Ideal for smaller bathrooms. Shower kits are perfect for small bathrooms, where conventional makeovers are not possible.

Selection: Which Shower Kit is best for me?

Similar to any home improvement project, always consider the space in hand before you purchase a new shower kit.

  • Choose between small & big shower kits. It is possible to find shower kits that are big, but it is advisable to look for a smaller kit if the available space is limited.
  • Take a quick inventory of the parts that are included in the kit. Most companies do not include the shower, faucets, and fixtures in the kit. Look for a deal that includes all these parts.
  • Pick a style that suits your home. Shower kits are available in all kinds of designs and styles. Since the kit essentially includes three pieces, you can get creative and try doing some mixing and matching.
  • Do not compromise on the quality. Scan through consumer reviews before taking a call. Check with neighbors and also take advice from your neighborhood handyman.
  • Give a thought to the base. Decide between a round and a square base for the shower. Although it is entirely your choice, in a small bathroom, a round base in one corner will look very weird.
  • Simple instructions will mean better finish. While you read the reviews, pay attention to what the customers have to say about the instructions from the company. Easy instructions will imply quicker installation.
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