Review: Moen Velocity S6320 Two Function Rainshower Showerhead

moen velocity s6320 two function rainshower showerhead
Looking for the perfect shower to adorn your renovated bathroom? Is shower experience really important to you? If yes, the Moen Velocity Rainshower Showerhead should be right at the top of your list.

To begin with, the Moen Velocity Showerhead is the only rainfall style shower product recommended by the Consumer Report—which strongly indicates at the Moen Velocity’s fame as the best rainfall showerhead in the market.

Besides, the Moen Velocity is backed with dual modes. You can have a more traditional shower style by activating only 30 of the nozzles to shower you with water to enable a higher pressure flow. Or, you can enable all the full 100 nozzles for the best rainfall shower experience ever.

This feature works great when you live with people who detest rainfall shower while you do, and vice-versa!

What are the Chief Advantages of Moen Velocity?

Unlike most other classic and stylish shower heads in the market, Moen Velocity comes with dual mode technique that allows you to experience both classic style and rainshower style of shower. Hence, this is the best way to have everyone in your family experience the best shower ever. Besides this, there are certain other advantages of Moen Velocity S6320 Two Function Rainshower Showerhead that are simply going to make you fall in love with the same.

  • Lifetime warranty: As with all the Moen products, this shower head too comes with strong, well-built manufacturing that is going to last you really long. Apart from this, the Moen Velocity comes with a lifetime warranty that covers leaks, drips and other finish defects.
  • Different colors and finishes to suit your bathroom décor: The Moen Velocity comes in myriad hues and finishes: from the standard chrome finish to the more antique shiny bronze finish, and the darker “oil rubbed bronze” finish to brushed bronze or brushed nickel finish. This precisely means that your Moen Velocity will suit any kind of color scheme and pattern you’ve selected for the tapware of your bathroom.
  • Amazing Water Usage Technique: With the water gushing out at a low 2.5 GPM, you can surely save a lot of water compared to your older showerhead or you may use the hot water longer before it runs out!

What are the disadvantages of Moen Velocity?

Like all the better things, Moen Velocity too comes with its own package of disadvantages.

  • Adequate Water Pressure Required: Your house needs to have adequate water pressure lest you want to see the rainshower turn into a mere dribble. However, you may get rid of this problem by removing the light green color flow restrictor, which increases water flow.
  • Spray head Spreads Across 8 inches diameter: If you have a smaller sized shower, your spray head may look awkward in your bathroom. But that doesn’t affect its working. If you can live with a little bit of awkwardness in presentation, you’re in for real treat every day!
  • Installation Manual: There seems to be a conflict among reviewers on Amazon whether the Moen Velocity comes with an installation manual or not. But don’t worry if you haven’t received any manual. Installing the Moen Velocity is indeed an easy task, a task to be completed in not more than 30 minutes.

Last word on Moen Velocity S6320 Two Function Rainshower Showerhead

The Moen Velocity S6320 may not be the cheapest Rainshower in the market, but you cannot beat the amazing shower experience it offers. It’s sturdy and stylish both. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Although you may buy it from the local bathroom superstore, buying from Amazon is going to provide you with discounts up to 25%! This means you can now savor the desired shower experience for the rest of your life at a price approximately lesser than $170! Click here to find this showerhead at Amazon.

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