Review: Sprite High Output Chlorine Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head

sprite high output chlorine shower filter with massaging shower head
Are you tired of the massive chlorine content in your regular bathing water? Well, chlorine-treatment may be one of the best procedures to treat impure water, but too much of it may cause your skin to go flaky and your hair to lose its moisture. If you’re regularly going through such chlorine abuse, it may be time to change your regular shower with Sprite Filter Showerhead. You will not regret the decision to buy this showerhead.

Sprite Filter Showerhead is a technologically advanced showerhead that comes with a handy iron filter along with amazing massaging options to relieve you off stress. Its reversible filter cartridge combats harmful chemicals in water, including chlorine, and stops them from flowing into your shower water for a period of one year (at a stretch). Then, you can replace the filter. Simple, easy and highly convenient!

Available just around $26 on Amazon, Sprite Filter Showerhead may just be the next purchase which you’d love to make. The same showerhead would be available at almost double the price at brick and mortar stores in your neighborhood.

What Are Primary Features Of This Sprite Filter Shower Head?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a permanent solution to brittle hair with dandruff issues? If your skin is flaky and dry and your hair full of dandruff, chlorine could be the culprit.

To get rid of chlorine, get your old shower replaced with the new Sprite Filter Showerhead. Its efficient technology rids the water of its harmful chlorine content and releases a soft water shower, ideal for the skin.

This highly consumer-friendly product comes loaded with useful features, some of which are listed here for your perusal:

  • State of art design: The showerhead is designed in such a way that the filter remains just above the head itself. This reduces any weight-related issues. Hence, you can take a carefree shower without worrying about it falling off or crumbling down. Put simply, there will be no plumbing damages even if the plumbing is very old.
  • Adjustable spray: If you want to minimize the height of the spray or maximize it, you can do so easily thanks to the adjustable spray portion of the showerhead.
  • Not repeated filter changes: Once installed, you don’t have to think about changing the filter every 15 or 20 days. One filter may last you around a year, depending on the usage. It wouldn’t last any less than six months no matter how frequently you shower.

What Are The Main Advantages Of The Sprite High Output Chlorine Shower Filter With Massaging Showerhead?

Although advertised as an unparallel chlorine filter, this showerhead is also equipped with a technologically advanced carbon filter that helps it to decontaminate water, making it as pure as your drinking water. This means if your water supply is contaminated with iron or mineral deposits, the showerhead will remove them as well. It may not really remove rust completely, but it will surely maintain the overall quality and hygiene of the water you receive.

Other important advantages of this showerhead are given below—

  • Detachable Showerhead: If you want to use this showerhead on a different model or use this model with a different showerhead, you may gladly do so owing to its easy-to-open and standard fitting.
  • Easy to Maintain: It is very easy to clean, and is resistant to a whole lot of shower issues like soap scum, mold, mild dew and the likes.
  • Easy to Replace: Unless you over tighten the filter, it is very easy to replace too.
  • No Battery or Electricity Required: It’s just a normal showerhead enabled with superior technology. Hence, it requires no battery or electricity to operate.

Is the Sprite Showerhead right for you?

If you care about your family’s overall health, this showerhead is perfect for you. Not only does it helps in getting rid of any excessive mineral content and chlorine, but also eliminates the need to use more soap and shampoo.

Decently priced along with amazing features and advantages, Sprite Showerhead is indeed the perfect investment to make. Upgrade your health status now by ordering a Sprite Showerhead today. Click here for best price and great offers.

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