Review: Delta In2ition Two-in-One Showerhead

delta in2ition two in one showerhead

After a tiresome day, a nice shower can give you unparallel rejuvenation, don’t you think so? So, why not enrich your shower experience by replacing an old showerhead with this amazing two-in-one showerhead? The Delta In2ition Two-in-One Showerhead is a stylish device. It can work as a fixed showerhead or a handheld device. Either ways, the rainfall like experience is best suited for customized shower needs in the family.

Available online at an amazing bargain price of $90 approximately, grab this amazingly stylish integrated showerhead now to experience the best shower ever! The MRSP is much higher.

What Are the Main Features of Delta In2ition?

Delta In2ition provides you an amazing state-of-art shower experience along with features which allow you to conserve water.

While shaving or brushing, when you can manage well with slower flow of water, you may just push a button and watch the water flow reduced to a trickle in no time. When you’re ready to rinse, just push the button again to restore the general flow of water!

Besides this, there are certain other amazing features associated with this stylish showerhead. They are:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Delta In2ition Shower head comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers the finish and the color! Hence, you can be rest assured of it being stylish all through your usage!
  • Use It the Way You Want: The shower docks in snuggly to let you use it the way you want to. You may use it in the standard way or target specific areas according to your wish, whenever you want.
  • Easy to Install: Thanks to its standard fitting, the shower head can be installed on any model. All you need to do is remove your current showerhead and replace it with this more stylish and technologically advanced version of showerhead.

What Are the Advantages of Delta In2ition Two-in-One Shower head?

While the rest of the shower heads are mostly made of plastic, or at best with chrome, the stylish Delta In2ition is manufactured with a fusion of metal and plastic that makes it a durable option too! Apart from this, there are certain other advantages of this showerhead that are going to make you fall in love with it:

  • Check Valve to Prevent Backflow: The presence of a check valve within the shower head prevents the backflow of water into your plumbing system, thus preventing leaks.
  • Same GPM: Whether you use it as a hand shower or as a basic shower, the shower head will have the same GPM of 2.5 for both at 80 psi.
  • Multiple Shower Options for a Great Shower Experience: It allows you to customize your shower for an amazing shower experience, while others in the same price bracket may fail to do so.

The only underside of the shower reported by customers is the use of plastic. The plastic body of the shower head prevents it from performing its best during hot showers. Also, because of the plastic, the shower head is reported to frequently fall out of the holder.

Is the Delta In2ition Perfect for You?

It may come with its set of drawbacks owing to its plastic cover-up, but the hardware having made in metal enriches your shower experience. Backed with a lifetime warranty and easy installation feature, the In2ition is indeed a great investment for a lifetime. Yes, it is definitely priced notches above a basic shower, but you’re also getting an integrated shower system which your basic shower can never provide.

Treat yourself to a luxurious shower experience every time, while also conserving water by with the amazing Delta In2ition. And, if you want to save while purchasing, click here to find this showerhead at the best price online.

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