Review: Delta 75700SN Arm Mount Massage Handshower

delta 75700sn arm mount massage handshower

Products from Delta have a solid reputation and often get high rating from users worldwide. Delta 75700SN Arm Mount Massage Handshower lives up to reputation and delivers on its promise. The hand shower offers convenience and durability. Its unique features and varied spray settings elevate the shower experience for you.

If you are planning a remodeling project for your bathroom or just want to upgrade your shower, you may want to have a closer look at the features of the Delta 75700SN Arm Mount Massage Handshower. It’s very affordable, has the basic features and will last quite some time. Overall, it’s a good deal if you are looking for a showerhead in this price range.

What is the Delta 75700SN Arm Mount Massage Handshower?

The first feature that is sure to impress you about the Delta Arm Mount Massage Handshower is its modern and striking design. If you want improve the aesthetics of your bathroom and give it a shot of style, take a look at the pictures of Delta 75700SN to get a better idea of how well it can go with your bathroom’s existing décor.

And no, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for this product. In Delta 75700SN, you get excellent design and superior functionality at a very affordable rate. Your local brick and mortar store may well be selling it at a higher price but on Amazon, this massage hand shower is available for just around $25-30.

The showerhead offers you a steady flow of water and comes with a hose of good length. The different spray settings add to your shower experience; this new bathroom accessory will just make your daily deluge more interesting and worthwhile.

What Are the Best Features of the Delta 75700SN Arm Mount Massage Handshower?

  • Swivel ball joint. Since the shower arm is mounted on a ball joint, you will be able to rotate it according to your personal preference. Swivel ball joints are not rigid at all. They are very easy to handle.
  • Good quality plastic parts. Just because the parts are in plastic, they are in no way of inferior quality. Also, a metal shower head with these many features would cost at least 10 times more!
  • Very durable plastic hose. The reason why this shower head comes at such an attractive price tag is that it makes use of a plastic hose. You save but at the same time, you get a stellar performance.
  • Control the flow of water. You will be able to adjust your shower settings from a full shower to a mid shower, whenever you want a lesser spray for soaping or shampooing.
  • Save water. Since the sprays settings are in your control, you will be able to save quite a bit on your water bill.
  • Choice of spray settings. You have a choice between the slow and full massage, the fast, full and fine, champagne spray and energy saving spray. What else could you ask for? After all, it just costs around half as much as even the most ordinary showerheads available nowadays.

Chief Advantages of the Delta 75700SN Arm Mount Massage Handshower

  • 7 unique spray settings. No other hand shower in this price range will offer you so much variety in shower sprays.
  • Ample hose length. It is the length of the hose that actually makes the investment in this hand shower totally worthwhile. Six feet long hose ensures that you will be able to move around the hand shower with great freedom.
  • Impressive record of durability. If you check the user reviews, you will realize that people have been using this model for many years with very little complaints.
  • Switch to a stand up shower. When you are in the mood for it, just mount the hand shower and use it like a stand up shower.

We only have a problem with its finish that might wear off after few years of regular use. But this concern can be put on the backburner, when you see the other features and the affordable price. No other top quality shower head available at this price can beat Delta 75700SN. Click here to find this showerhead at the best price and read consumer reviews at Amazon.


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