Review: Waterpik AquaScape AST-233 Dual Mode Oval Showerhead

waterpik aquascape ast 233 dual mode oval showerhead
Do you crave for an amazing rainfall shower experience every day? Is your budget spoiling your desires?  If that be the case, you should take a look the pictures and specs of Waterpik AquaScape Showerhead! This super cool showerhead is available on a budget. It provides a full-body shower experience unparallel to any within the same budget.

If you purchase the showerhead from Amazon, you may get it at a much lesser price after discount. Your budget does not have to come between you and a perfect shower experience. Usher in happiness with the new Waterpik AquaScape Showerhead.

What are the Main Features of Waterpik AquaScape Showerhead?

Amazing features at pocket-friendly rates – that sums up the Waterpik AquaScape Showerhead.

The most advantageous feature of the showerhead is its dual usage. It can be used in a vertical or horizontal position. Moreover, there is no need for adjusting the plumbing; the shower fits into most standard plumbing fixtures.  As a result, you can maximize your existing shower space for no extra cost.

Apart from these, other features of this showerhead are enumerated below:

  • Opti-flow technology for superior shower experience: The showerhead comes with advanced opti-flow technology; it permits around 30% faster water flow resulting in amazing rainfall shower like experience. This is something which many overrated rainfall showerheads will not able to cater to.
  • Two spray modes available: It is backed with gentle spray and power spray modes; you can relax after a tiring day just the way you find it perfect!
  • Relaxing water massage: Different spraying options within the two spray modes help you enjoy a soothing water massage while you take your regular, rejuvenating shower.
  • Amazing finish to suit your style: The super-shiny chrome finish makes sure the showerhead looks great. It is sure to be a luxurious component in your bathroom.

Advantages of Waterpik AquaScape Showerhead

Apart from its incredible pricing, the primary advantage of the showerhead is its innovative design, which calls for a super easy and simple installation. Simply remove your existing showerhead, screw this one in the same place, and you’re done!

There are some other advantages of this showerhead which may prompt you to purchase it without delay at a great price. They include:

  • 60 Individually Directed Nozzles: In comparison to ordinary showerheads, a provision of so many nozzles helps you to obtain 50% or more overall spray coverage.
  • Removable Flow Restrictor: The provision of a removable flow restrictor helps you to adjust the GPM according to your needs.
  • No Manual Rotation Needed: The showerhead comes with a simple button; you can press it to switch ON different shower modes to rotate the showerhead as per your needs.
  • Swiveled Showerhead: The showerhead has the ability to rotate. Swiveled joints are easy to handle and can be rotated by applying mild pressure.

The Waterpik AquaScape Showerhead fulfils dual roles. On the one hand, it is a great product to beautify your bathroom, and on the other, it offers a nice rainfall shower experience. The showerhead with all its advantages is perfect for modern homes. Click here to find this dual mode oval showerhead at Amazon or read the consumer reviews before you make up your mind.

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