Review: KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single Function Showerhead

kohler k 10282 cp forte single function showerhead
Are you looking for a sturdy and reliable bathroom shower that doesn’t come with superfluous trappings? Something that looks stylish, provides optimal amount of water coverage, and also guarantees durability? If the answer to all of these questions is a ‘Yes,’ you should study the features and benefits of KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single Function Showerhead.  The showerhead mounts easily on any standard plumbing, and delivers consistent showers for many years at a stretch.

Its transitional design of this showerhead will suit modern and traditional bathrooms both. The wide rim and easy-adjustment facility will help ensure that every shower is comfy and soothing. And since it comes from the house of Kohler, put your worries about surface corrosion and or material tarnishing to rest.

Main Features of the KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single Function Showerhead

The KOHLER K- 10282-CP is one of the finest single function showerheads in the market today. When you order one, you can be rest assured of the optimal water coverage at all times. There will be little or no lime scale or hard water buildup. And with seventy individual sprays to choose from, it sure is a stellar deal. What else could you ask for?

You can choose this shower head if you live in an area where water pressure is low or if you want to upgrade your shower.

It is one of the most efficient single function showerheads from a trusted house of bathroom accessories.  Here’s telling you more about the features of the KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single Function Showerhead:

  • A huge spray-face. The showerhead has a spray face of 5.5 inches. At its price level, such a wide spray face is indeed a big deal.
  • 72 nozzles. The showerhead comes with that many nozzles to ensure that you get a good coverage; in a hot shower, you will experience cozy warmth all over.
  • Easy to clean. The showerhead has a coating of MasterClean; it effectively prevents the nasty hard water build-up. The cleanup is equally simple and quick.
  • Perfectly complements the Fort’e Suite. The Fort’e bath faucets are known for their sleek lines, rounded edges and smooth finish.
  • Lifetime warranty. The showerhead comes with a lifetime warranty, against all drips and leaks.

What are the Main Benefits of KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single Function Showerhead?

Kohler is one of the largest and oldest companies for bathroom accessories in USA. The name Kohler stands for continued innovation in materials & technology, and impeccable design. They offer you a huge range in all kinds of bathroom accessories. The collection is so huge that it can actually get mind boggling to choose one. The KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single Function Showerhead is very popular amongst users due to its excellent and consistent performance.

Although the KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single Function Showerhead will not show in the rain shower head section, but if you see the user reviews, the experience is similar to a natural rain shower. It comes with a bag full of advantages, and here’s listing the topmost advantages for you:

  • A gentle but generous shower. The showerhead will use 2.5 GPM of water. The stream of water can be described as warm and dribble.
  • Keeps the water hot. It is known worldwide that faucets from the Fort’e collection are capable of keeping the water hot. There is hardly any energy loss.
  • Simple usage. One primary reason for this showerhead to be so popular is its simple instructions of usage. It has only one setting and you really can’t go wrong with that.
  • Feels like luxury. The Kohler Forté K-10282-CP manages to add an aura of luxury to your shower because of its design.

The only disadvantage we see with this showerhead model is that it does not come with many features. In case you want a handheld function or prefer massage showerheads, you may not want to buy this single function showerhead.

If consistent showers, long life, elegant design and quality construction ‘minus’ LED lights and bunch of other features sound like a good deal to you, check out the price (and consumer reviews) of this single function showerhead at Amazon right away.

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