Review: Waterfall by ConservCo WS-M5C-C Combo Showerhead

waterfall by conservco ws m5c c combo showerhead
Have you always wanted both mounted and hand held showerheads in your bathroom? The Waterfall by ConservCo WS-M5C-C Combo Showerhead is specifically meant for users like you! It gives you the best of both worlds, at the price of one.

Just have one look at this combo showerhead and all your apprehensions about the design and look will fly out of the window. It comes in a durable finish in ABS and brass. When you want to upgrade your bathroom, choose the Multnomah Combo-Pack and your bathroom will become an object of envy.

What are the Features of the Waterfall by ConservCo WS-M5C-C Combo Showerhead?

This combo showerhead is a two-and-five-function shower head. It consists of two showerheads. One is fixed and the other one is handheld. It has a three way ABS diverter and a very long steel hose. The showerhead is likely to deliver consistent results, years after year.

You will be very pleased to know that all fittings are in brass. If you want the best of both worlds i.e. handheld and wall mounted, and also don’t want to pay a penny more than $40, this showerhead is just the right deal for you. It is worth every penny you spend. The name ‘Waterfall’ was also chosen for a good reason. The manufacture is confident that the spray from the showerhead is as soothing as the waters of a cascading waterfall.

The Waterfall by ConservCo WS-M5C-C Combo Showerhead is designed to transform your shower experience into a soothing and relaxing one. It does so with the help of many features combined together. These are:

  • Five unique spray patterns. The fixed showerhead is wide faced. You can choose from unique spray patterns according to your mood.
  • Combo pack. This unit consists of two shower heads. You have the freedom of using either of them separately. You can even use both of the showerheads together!
  • A lifetime warranty. The company offers all its users a lifetime warranty on workmanship and quality.
  • The choice is yours. It is not necessary to order the Waterfall Showerhead with the handheld showerhead. You can buy just one showerhead too.
  • Very good quality stainless steel shower hose. The hose in Waterfall Showerhead moves easily, hangs in a jiffy and is not very heavy. It is a well designed piece of accessory and is four feet in length.
  • Inbuilt backflow preventer. The preventer has been designed to protect the plumbing fixtures from damage.
  • Top quality chrome plating. The chrome finish of the Multnomah Waterfall Showerhead is so impressive, that you will be able to enjoy your new showerhead for a long time to come.

Advantages of the Waterfall by ConservCo WS-M5C-C Combo Showerhead

Outside the advantage of having a handheld and a wall mounted showerhead, another primary advantage of the Waterfall is how convenient it is to clean. The nipples of the showerhead are smaller than self-cleaning showerheads and a quick wipe is often sufficient to get rid of scale.

  • Very easy to clean. The showerhead is very easy to clean. The nipples are smaller in size and a quick wipe is all that it takes.
  • Very simple installation. You just need to follow the instructions and DIY. No need to call in a handyman.
  • Three way diverter. The showerheads are connected to a three way diverter, which only enhances your showering experience.
  • Affordable price. The combo pack of showerheads is not overly priced as some may assume. The price is very reasonable and it comes highly recommended.

One disadvantage we see with this combo showerhead is that 4 feet long hose for the handheld shower function may not be sufficient for everyone. In fact, the industry standard for handheld showerheads’ hose is 5 feet. Otherwise, if you are looking to buy a combo showerhead, the waterfall showerhead by ConservCo is a good option to consider. Click here to compare prices, read consumer reviews and buy at Amazon.

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