Review: Kohler Flipside K-15996-CP Showerhead

kohler flipside k 15996 cp showerhead
Kohler has been offering top quality products and services to customers since 1873. They are the market leaders in innovation and design. While Kohler has many high quality showerheads on offer, if you like the idea of having a fixed showerhead that offers you quite a few spray options, Kohler Flipside K-15996-CP Showerhead with an innovative design may just be the right choice for you.

The shower experience delivered by this showerhead is totally indulgent and very unique. The showerhead is sure to become your bathroom’s centre of attraction; its elegant design, versatility and ergonomics will sure leave you impressed. You can just flip the spray head on its axis and switch to a desired spray setting.

What is the Kohler Flipside K-15996-CP Showerhead?

The Kohler Flipside K-15996-CP Showerhead is all set to tempt you into indulgence and comfort of a whole new kind. The showerhead is multifunctional and offers you a total of four different spray settings. Just flip the spray head and choose from a spray that envelopes you – choose from a soft but dense spray, a circular stream or a specific target massage spray. A simple rotation is all that it takes to spice up your shower time. And when the product is from the house of Kohler, there is no reason for you to worry about the model’s quality and durability.

What are the best features of Kohler Flipside K-15996-CP Showerhead?

Listed below is a quick compilation of some of the most important features of Kohler Flipside K-15996-CP Showerhead:

  • Innovative Flip-stream Technology. The showerhead has a single spray head but it offers four distinct sprays.
  • Easy to use. Turning the head is all that it takes to change the spray settings.
  • Ergonomic design. The design is modern and works perfectly even when you flip it with soapy hands.
  • Design has patented Koverage™. You get full body coverage by this showerhead, every time.
  • Indulge in Kotton™ luxury. The spray from the showerhead is dense and luxurious at the same time.
  • Get ready for circular sprays. The showerhead is designed on the principles of Komotion™ and offers a soothing , circular pattern of water in circles.
  • Massage spray option for complete relaxation. The Kurrent™ spray can offer a soothing massage at the target area of your choice.
  • Water flow of 2.5gpm. The flow rate is very impressive.
  • The product comes with an extended, lifetime warranty from the house of Kohler.
  • Durable finish. The showerhead comes with corrosion resistant finish and it will never tarnish.

Chief Advantages of the Kohler Flipside K-15996-CP Showerhead

Get ready to be impressed by the benefits of installing a Kohler Flipside K-15996-CP Showerhead in your bathroom.

  • Choose from four spray patterns. The showerhead offers four totally different spray patterns.
  • Works well in all kind of bathrooms. The flipside showerhead looks equally well in contemporary and modern bathrooms.
  • Easy to use. Getting a hang of the showerhead is not hard. The ergonomic design is easy for all in your family to use.
  • Ease in pains. The fourth spray, specially designed for targeted massage in the shower area is helpful in easing pain and relaxing the body.

Available at an affordable price, this multifunction showerhead offers value for every penny spent. Click here to find this showerhead at the best price online.

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