Review: High Sierra 1.5GPM High Efficiency Showerhead

high sierra 1.5gpm high efficiency showerhead
Do you wish to cut down utility bills every month and conserve water, without of course compromising on the overall quality of the shower? You should try the High Sierra 1.5gpm showerhead. It is guaranteed to save to you up to $50 per person, per year, on your utility bill! That’s a lot of saving, is that not so? It is a saving that renders the showerhead a worthy investment.

You can actually save up to 1700 gallons of water, per person, per year, when compared to other 2.5gpm low flow showerheads. The design is compact and a smart choice for schools, universities, homeowners and hotels. The High Sierra 1.5GPM High Efficiency Showerhead is one of the most cost effective ways to conserve energy and water. It guarantees you a pleasant shower, every time.

Main Features of the High Sierra 1.5GPM High Efficiency Showerhead

The High Sierra 1.5GPM High Efficiency Showerhead is a premium product in the market of Low Flow Showerheads.

The latest model comes with a transparent ABS splash guard that is capable of creating the perfect spray. It is available in different colors which can be matched with any decor. The showerheads from High Sierra have a patent on the FCS nozzle.

These showerheads are popularly called as the Classic showerheads from the house of High Sierra. If you are looking for a low flow showerhead that also achieves your water saving targets, High Sierra 1.5GPM High Efficiency Showerhead may just be the right choice for you. Here’s a quick list of other features:

  • All metal parts. The entire showerhead is made of metal. Assembly is done in California.
  • Patented FCS technology. The showerhead is a great buy due to its full coverage spray nozzle technology.
  • Wide and strong spray. The shower experience will leave you in amazement. The spray is steady and uniform.
  • Ideal for small shower spaces. The compact size of the showerhead makes it ideal for smaller shower enclosures.
  • Little dependence on water pressure. The efficiency of this showerhead does not get affected by water pressure; anything in the 25 psi to 80 psi range will not be a problem.
  • Wide variety in finishes and colors. Order according to the décor of your bathroom.

Advantages of the High Sierra 1.5GPM High Efficiency Showerhead

The High Sierra 1.5gpm showerheads are the most innovative and latest eco-friendly low flow shower heads. The technology is patented and is effective in creating a spray that resembles a high flowing showerhead.  And it comes highly recommended because it offers a great shower experience and controls your water, power bills at the same time.

It is a value add-on to any bathroom and here’s why:

  • Prices at below $40. This top quality showerhead is evenly priced and is completely made in USA.
  • Does not clog. The showerhead delivers a strong pressure and it rarely clogs.
  • Compact design. It is ideal for public showers and small cubicles.
  • Special splash guard. The flow from the shower will always be strong and consistent.
  • Money back guarantee. The company offers you full money back guarantee for up to 30 days. That’s confidence!
  • Excellent user reviews. The showerhead has been given an excellent rating by most users.
  • Droplet pattern. Your shower experience is sure to improve due to the modern technology that delivers water in a droplet pattern.
  • Easy Installation. You don’t need to call in a handyman for installation. Just pick a model in your favorite color and DIY.

Perhaps the only downside of having this particular showerhead is that it’s very small in size. The spray with larger droplets of water is no doubt great but given the fact that it has an output of 1.5gpm, the overall width of the spray appears to be slightly less. If you love full body showers more, you may not like this showerhead very much. Otherwise, the showerhead is a good choice overall, especially if you want to save water (and a lot of it over a period of time). You get good showers, save on power/water bills and have the peace of mind that you are doing your bit to conserve water. Click here to find this high efficiency showerhead at best price online.

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