Review: Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head

rainshow’r cq 1000 ms shower filter with massaging shower head
Is your water supply chlorinated? Chlorine is added by public health department personnel in good faith but it does mess up with your hair and skin tissues. If you’ve been noticing skin dryness and other such symptoms after morning showers, it may be due to the presence of Chlorides in shower water. Chlorinated water can also make your colored hair bleed faster; they become frizzy after each wash. Even your nails may turn more brittle and if your skin is sensitive to chlorine, it may develop certain allergies as well.

One of the best ways to deal with the problem is to get a shower filter installed in your bathroom. Rainshow’r Shower Filter is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the market for shower filters; the Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head is one of their finest products. This top of the line shower filter with a massaging shower head is designed for maximum capacity.

If you fear impurities in your shower water, and want to protect your loved ones from any skin diseases, investing in this shower filter may be a great idea.

What are the Main Features of the Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head?

The energized experience that you get from the Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head is unbeatable. It is completely made in the USA and has a valid certification from WQA.

It is a powerful filter that can remove chlorine from the water that flows though your shower. The filter thus protects your skin from getting dry and cracked.  The performance of the Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head per ounce of KDF is far superior from other filters in the market. No wonder, Rainshow’r is very confident of the performance of their filter.

The filter works on the crystalline technology; the unit only employs washed and sundried crystals of quartz for the filtering purpose. The water that flows through them has lowered surface tension – it is light and energized.

The features of the Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head are sure to impress one and all. To further enlighten you about its features, here’s a concise list. Take a look:

  • Fully certified. The filter is certified for chlorine removal (according to the set standard of NSF/ANSI Standard 177) for up to 25,000 gallons.
  • Enhanced KDF media. The filter uses 15oz of enhanced KDF, unlike regular KDF used by other filters.
  • Inclusive of 1 oz of crystalline. You will notice that your soaps and shampoos will lather much more.
  • Backwashing not required.
  • Replaceable cartridge. Once the cartridge serves its purpose, you can easily have it replaced.
  • Warranty for a year. The filter comes with a warranty for a year. There is a separate 90 warranty period for the cartridge.
  • Massive capacity. The showerhead can handle massive capacities of 15,000 to 20,000 gallons of water.
  • Thorough clean-up. The filter is fully capable of removing up to 90% chlorine from water.

What are the Main Benefits of Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter?

You are sure to get impressed. The advantages are many. We listed out the most important ones here:

  • No more dry skin. Your skin will stay supple and soft post morning/evening showers.
  • You won’t lose moisture from the skin surface.
  • Manageable Hair. Most users were of the opinion that hair stayed manageable after showering.
  • More protection for colored hair. Your hair won’t lose its color so easily.
  • 90% chlorine free. The water is safe for all members of the family.
  • Lesser absorption of chlorine. Since the majority of the chlorine has been removed, there will be little or no absorption by the skin and lungs.
  • No more burning of eyes.
  • Excellent Massage head. It ensures that the spray of the water is soft and relaxing on the body.

Like other showerheads with filters, this one too has an obvious drawback. An additional component i.e. the filter increases the overall length of the showerhead. In case the showerhead is not mounted high up on the bathroom wall (or if someone in your family is very tall), the increase in length of the fixture (and therefore a relatively lower showerhead) can force you to crouch while you shower.

For people who are tired of nasty symptoms resulting from showers in chlorinated or hard water, this showerhead is a good investment. You can click here to compare prices and purchase this showerhead online at Amazon.

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