Review: Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Showerhead

waterpik elements 5 mode showerhead
If you are tired of a non-performing shower that spoils your mood every morning, then it’s time you switched to the Waterpik TRS-529 Shower Head. Your showers will become invigorating and your bathroom will definitely look more stylish. And if you think that it will be overly priced, we can assure you that it is very evenly priced.

The design of the shower is very sleek. The metal face has rubber nozzles, which can be cleaned very easily. The 5 modes offer your variety and comfort both. With five spray modes from a strong pulsating massage to a gentle mist, you’ll experience the perfect shower for your mood.

What is Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Showerhead?

The Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Showerhead is equipped with Waterpik’s Opti-flow technology. For the same amount of water that you have been consuming daily, you actually get a much stronger spray.

The water authorities in the United States have set a limit of 2.5 gallons of water per minute (GPM) as the upper limit on high pressure head. Accordingly, Waterpik has designed a showerhead which ensures a stronger spray well within in the set limit. In this model from Waterpik, you get five different spray settings, and a compact pressure chamber. And since the number of nozzles is less, the water stream generated by the showerhead is a strong one.

You can easily shift between the five different modes and move from a massage spray to a rinse spray in a jiffy. The Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Showerhead comes in a brushed nickel fixed mount with a PVD finish for a lifetime.

What Are the Features of the Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Showerhead?

This showerhead has many distinct and impressive features. Here’s a quick list:

  • Multiple modes. Very few showers can give you so much variety at such a decent price and you probably know that.
  • Designed with the Opti-flow technology. The design and foresight make this showerhead a winner in its segment.
  • Easy to clean nozzles. The nozzles can be cleaned very easily to remove any hard water build up.
  • A flow rate of 2.5gpm. The overall efficiency of your shower will never go down.
  • Excellent Chrome Finish. Your bathroom is sure to look spicy and stylish once you install this showerhead in your bathroom.
  • Anti-theft brass pivot ball. The model comes with its unique anti-theft technology.
  • Easy Installation. You can Do-It-Yourself.
  • Full body spray. The Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Showerhead promises an invigorating full body spray.
  • Modern design. This model is a good fit for bathrooms with newer, trendy decors.

Chief Advantages of the Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Showerhead

The Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Showerhead is one of the most affordable high flow showerheads in the market today. Have a look at its benefits and we are sure you will be impressed.

  • 30% more water force. You will be surprised at the power with which the water will flow through the showerhead.
  • Low water pressure? Not a problem. Your shower will give you no indication of the low pressure in the main supply.
  • Multiple options. You get to choose from slow massage, full-body, pulsating massage and misty spray.
  • Easy to use. You can change settings by just rotating the control ring.
  • Quick showers. Since the spray is strong, you will be able to take quick showers and rinse your body much better.
  • Save Water. Short showers mean lesser consumption of water.
  • Priced below $20. A great bathroom accessory at such a low price – unbelievable but true.

One problem we found with this showerhead is that ‘mist’ shower setting doesn’t work exactly as it should. When we shifted the setting to ‘mist, we noticed more of a sauna than a regular shower. Give and take, the showerhead has many useful features and while a setting/mode or two may not be so useful to you, it will come out as a useful bathroom accessory. Needless to mention, it’s a perfect value buy for just about everyone. Click here to find this showerhead at best price online.

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