A Guide to Buying the Best Tiles for Your Shower

A bathroom’s look, appeal and its lasting quality is largely dependent upon the tiles used to line up the space. Good tiles even increase the lifespan of the plumbing, shower systems and other bathroom accessories.

Given the rigors that a bathroom has to withstand on a daily basis because of the high moisture levels, it is highly prone to fading and cracking. It goes without saying that in the bathroom, every surface ideally needs to be water resistant.

Any failure in protecting bathroom surfaces can degrade the whole structure over a period of time. It can make entry points for harmful viruses and bacteria to settle in and mold and mildew to grow in that could rot out your entire floor. In other words, it can force you to undertake expensive bathroom renovations much sooner than you thought.

For that distinctively clean look, long years of delightful bathing and for maintaining high standards of bathroom hygiene – it is of utmost importance to have the best quality tiles installed.

red onyx polished mosaics meshed 1Red Onyx 1x1 Polished Mosaics Meshed$$4.5
white marble hexagon polished mosaic tiles 2White Marble Hexagon 1x1 POLISHED Mosaic Tiles$$4.9
botticino marble split faced mosaic tile 3Botticino 1X2 Marble Split-Faced Mosaic Tile$$4.7
carrara marble italian white bianco carrera tile 4Carrara Marble Italian White Bianco Carrera 3x6 Tile$$4.7
honey onyx polished mosaic tiles meshed 51x1 Honey Onyx Polished Mosaic Tiles Meshed$$4.9
crema marfil square marble tile tumbled and honed 6Crema Marfil 4x4" Square Marble Tile Tumbled and Honed$$4.9
brick pattern honey onyx polished mosaic tiles 72x4 Brick Pattern Honey Onyx Polished Mosaic Tiles$$4.9
silverado gray marble split faced mosaic tile 8Silverado Gray 1X2 Marble Split Faced Mosaic Tile$$4.6
philadelphia travertinet tumbled brick tile 9Philadelphia 3x6 Travertine Tumbled Brick Tile$$4.2
white carrara bianco venatino hexagon marble honed 102" X 2" White Carrara Bianco Venatino Hexagon Marble Honed Mosaic Tiles$$4.1

The Basics: What Are Tiles for Shower Area?

You can choose from glass and ceramic tiles. However, if you have the budget and want to go bold, you can go for tiles made of concrete, stone and linoleum. In the market today, you will also find tiles made of metal and resin, but you need to know for sure if they suit the activities of the shower. Certain specialty tiles can fast degrade due to the moisture and the vapor in a shower.

Consider the benefit and disadvantage of various tiles, before selecting one for your shower. Safety should be of greatest concern to you. Other than that, the tiles should be aesthetically compatible with the rest of the bathroom. When selecting a tile for your shower, primarily consider the material and the color. Depending on who all will be using the shower, the color and pattern can be decided.

When it comes to the design, you can choose between small, medium and large tiles. Larger tiles are easy to install, whereas tiles in variegated colors make the shower look brighter. While most people still prefer the plain white look, if you have the skill and time, you can also create a mosaic design.

Nowadays, you can even find tiles that change color according to the temperature of the water.

Plus Points: Benefits of Good Quality Tiles in Shower Area

The advantages of having tiles in your shower are many.

  • Tiles are long lasting. Even if they get chipped they are easy to replace.
  • Come in all colors. Tiles are available in practically every color. More power to the creative you!
  • Makes the shower durable. Tiles provide strength to walk-in showers. They can handle the daily wear and tear for years to come.
  • Allows for low maintenance. Showers that are lined with tiles require very little maintenance, and look neat and clean at all times. You just need to put in an extra effort to clean the grout from time to time.
  • Adds style to the washroom. Tiles are available in all kinds of material varieties and styles. There is definitely a shower tile out there which suits your personality and your shower area.

Selection: Which Tiles are best For My Shower Area?

Tiles are a versatile add–ons for any bathroom. Listed below is a compilation of points that you should consider when choosing tiles for your shower area.

  • Smaller tiles for curved bathrooms. Smaller tiles are very good at handling curves. If your bathroom has natural arches, go for smaller tiles without a second thought.
  • The feel factor. When selecting tiles, think about the feel of the washroom. After all, you will be spending a lot of quality time in shower every morning and evening. Choose wisely.
  • Be watchful of mosaic tiles. If you are planning a mosaic pattern with tiles, ensure that the tiles have at least ninety five percent ‘contact’ with the main board. Else, they might just drop off after a few years (or sooner in case of rugged use).
  • Easier to work with smaller glass tiles. Large glass tiles can sometimes trap moisture and look awful. Small, colored glass tiles look neater and are easier to use in the long term.
  • Think of a feature wall. How about a ‘feature wall’ with different types of tiles? This is a common trend and makes the bathroom look much classier.
  • Smaller tiles go on sloped ceilings. Small tiles make a sloped ceiling look much more graceful.
  • Maintenance and cleaning. If you are not too fond of cleaning, then select large glass tiles. They are easy to clean and installation too will be easy. Just make sure the bathroom area is large enough to accommodate them.
  • Call in the experts for installation. It makes a lot of sense to call experts for installation. Tiles can last for a lifetime, only if installed by a skilled professional.
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