A Guide to Buying the Best Fogless Shower Mirror

Foggy mirrors in the bathroom can be highly disappointing. Who doesn’t want to take a good look at oneself after a shower? The problem gets worse in case you prefer to shave or brush your teeth during or after a shower. A foggy mirror would have to be wiped off time and again. And needless to mention, who doesn’t need precision while shaving? Can a mirror with a poor reflection do? No, it won’t.

Fogless shower mirror is an excellent remedy for all such problems. A shower softens the hardiest of overnight beard growths, and a fogless mirror permits a close shave during or after the shower. An impaired vision because of a foggy mirror could as much as cause you injury while shaving.

A fogless mirror is tempered in such a manner that vapor settling on it does not condense to cause any fogginess. This glass treatment allows a clear reflection even when having a cozy shower. You are free to multi-task or just look in the mirror when you want!


Silver Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror with Squeegee
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360 Degree Rotating Fogless Shower Mirror with Razor Hook
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The Basics: What Exactly Is A Fogless Shower Mirror?

Are you tired of your bathroom mirror fogging up every morning? That’s because ordinary mirrors are not designed to handle the vapor and moisture in the bathroom. You need to start using a fogless shower mirror; it is uniquely designed to deflect water vapor in the shower area. In such a mirror, you will be able to see a clearer reflection, and be able to shave without any cuts and nicks even if you have been having a hot shower for a long time!

Fogless mirrors run on an electric current, similar to the window technology in automobiles. This current heats up the mirror and prevents condensation from settling on its surface. Most fogless mirrors can be easily hung over the bathroom faucets. And they are very light in weight, hence, no worries about weighing down the plumbing.

The second type of fogless shower mirrors has a special coating; this coating provides resistance to steam. The choice in fogless mirrors is mind boggling and what you choose depends entirely upon on your choice, budget and specific needs.

Finally, fogless shower mirrors come very handy to women too. They can use them to apply makeup, pluck unwanted hair and remove tedious facemasks.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of a Best Fogless Shower Mirror

  • See a clearer reflection of you. A fogless shower mirror ensures that you see yourself clearly when in the bathroom. If you have been wondering why people shave in the bathroom; it’s because the heat and the moisture softens the skin.
  • Better reception to the razor. Once your skin gets warm and soft, a fogless shower mirror will ensure that you shave closely and neatly, unlike a standard mirror in which the visibility is often very poor.
  • Have an idea of the time. You can pick a fogless shower mirror with an in-built clock. This way you will never lose track of time and be late for meetings or other commitments.
  • Saves you precious morning time. It is a clear fact that a fogless shower mirror will save you precious time every morning. When you see a clearer reflection of yourself, you will feel less rushed to shave.
  • Shave in a warm bathroom. Remember the times when you used to keep the bathroom door open to allow the vapor to escape? Being cold early in the morning will be a thing of the past, as you will be able to shave with the door closed and without any worries of a foggy mirror.

Selection: Which Fogless Shower Mirror is best for me?

When looking for the absolute fogless shower mirror consider the following points.

  • The size is very important. Fogless shower mirrors come in all kinds of lengths and widths. Look for a mirror that is sturdy, and wide enough to cover your persona.
  • The reflective surface needs to be top class. The quality of the reflective surface will determine the amount of light that you will experience. As a rule you, should avoid mirrors that have double reflective surfaces, because they tend to cut down the light into half.
  • Magnification settings. Similar to the side mirror of a car, you will find fogless shower mirrors with adjustable settings. You may be able to zoom in your face and get a better image in the mirror if the need arises. That’s an additional feature and you may not necessarily need it.
  • A fogless mirror that shatters into multiple pieces if accidently dropped by your hand is clearly a bad deal. All branded and top quality fogless shower mirrors are shatter resistant and have long lives.
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