A Guide to Buying the Best Bathroom Faucets

There are so many faucets types to choose from that this seemingly easy task can throw you in disarray.  A big chunk of the models look the same, while others offer same features but are priced differently.

Most manufactures know well that faucets need to be visually appealing. But, you shouldn’t really ignore durability. The fixture should last long and needless to mention, should be very easy to clean.

Manually operated faucets are a thing of the past now. Gone are the days when even the most expensive faucets just looked great but performed the most basic functions. Now, more technologically advanced faucets come with features such as motion sensors or one touch activation. Many of them are designed to optimize water consumption, while others are self cleaning.

If your search for bathroom faucets continues, this guide is for you.

peerless classic 1Peerless Classic$$4.3
delta faucet single handle chrome bathroom faucetDelta Faucet Single Handle Chrome Bathroom Faucet$$4.8
pfister pfirst widespread bathroom faucet 3Pfister Pfirst Widespread Bathroom Faucet$$4.3
delta foundations 4Delta Foundations$$4.4
delta nyla single handle centerset bathroom faucetDelta Nyla Single Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet$$4.2
delta single handle venetian bronze bathroom faucetDelta Single-Handle Venetian Bronze Bathroom Faucet$$4.5
moen eva 7Moen Eva$$4.3
american standard colony with lever handles 8American Standard Colony with Lever Handles$$4.4
decor star vanity faucet 9Decor Star Vanity Faucet$$4.4
moen brantford 10Moen Brantford$$4.3

The Basics: Finding the best Bathroom Faucet

Finding the right bathroom faucet is not an easy task. The choice in faucets is so wide that reaching a sound decision can take sometime.

In order to select the right faucet for your bathroom, you need to have basic knowledge about their types. The most popular faucets are the freestanding ones, then come the deck mounted types and lastly, the wall mounted designs.

They can be found in all kinds of colors and finishes, namely satin, nickel and pewter. In a growing trend, solid copper finish is very popular, since they look as good as new for many years.

Freestanding faucets are often associated with the antique claw foot tub and can be custom-designed according to it. Deck-mounted faucets are installed on edge of the tub and come in one and two handle designs. Wall mounted faucets are also very popular and go very well with bathtubs that have featured showers. They are fixed on the wall, right above the tub.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of a Bathroom faucet

Bathroom faucets are a necessity and if selected carefully, they will yield the following benefits:

  • Excellent visual appeal. Faucets are the most eye-catching features of any bathroom and you know it. A well-chosen faucet will add character and appeal to your bathroom. Yes, a new set of faucets for one or all bathrooms will cost dearly too. But, it’s a long term investment.
  • Most faucets from well-reputed companies have very high levels of durability. A design that has good plating, quality finish, will last out for a very long time. Just don’t choose dirt cheap faucets; especially if you are ordering more than a few in one go.
  • Some of them clean automatically. The water that is supplied to our homes has a considerable amount of calcium, lime and other minerals that can cause a build up in the faucets. You can pick a faucet that comes with automatic cleaning features. Carefully look at the pictures; you should be able to determine if the faucet can be washed easily or not.
  • Faucets with motions sensors and one touch activation. If you have the budget and are keen to go overboard, you can enjoy the luxury of having faucets with motion sensors. Enjoy the experience of hands free washing.

Selection: Which Bathroom faucet is best for me?

When you are out looking for a faucet, more than anything you must ensure that it fits the opening of the holes perfectly. Choose from the following categories.

  • Single-hole faucets. These faucets combine the mixing handles and the spout on a single lever. They are perfect for units that have a single drilled sink hole. They are simple and modern.
  • Centre set faucets. They are perfect for sinks with three holes. They either come with a single lever or with two handles mountedon a six inch plate. Ideal for all kind sof bathrooms.
  • Widespread mounts. They are a combination of three pieces. The design consists of two handles and a spout. The design is generally larger than other faucets. The also have a smaller version, called minis-preads. These can be used by drilling holes at a distance of four inches apart.
  • Wall mount faucets. These are perfect for vessel type sinks and those that are freestanding. They are often preferred due to their long spouts, extending till the top of the bowl.
  • Additional features. Faucets with additional features such as motion sensors, touch-activation, water reduction mechanisms, etc. will sure cost more. These are great if budget is not an issue for you. However, avoid bathroom faucets with too complex an assembly; they may develop problems after regular use for some time.
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