SCEN Water-saving Handheld Massage Showerhead B016BP0Z20

scen water saving handheld massage showerhead b016bp0z20

Health improve pulmonary ventilation function shower environment fresh and comfortable, helps ease respiratory diseases. Care to eliminate fatigue, improve brain function, promote metabolism, increase cell viability. Skin care helps eliminate skin inflammation, relieve itching desensitization, accelerated skin healing. Beauty can fully activated and demineralized water, can quickly eliminate the skin deep dirt, achieve beauty antibacterial deodorizing function. Conditioner multifunction ball active water rich foam, dissolve grease capacity than ordinary tap water balance scalp oil secretion, activation washed hair, hair supple, not easily entangled. Filter to eliminate odors, bactericidal antibacterial fish flowers to make more vigorous vitality. Active water to pet a bath, can effectively eliminate the smell. Massage effluent fine and dense, rushed to the gentle and delicate body. Environmental protection as a whole removable for easy cleaning.

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