Review: Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Showerhead

thunderhead high pressure rain showerhead
Have you ever stood under a waterfall? Did you enjoy it? Probably you did. Anyone would get mesmerized when natural drops strike your body at a high pressure. Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Showerhead attempts to replicate this experience in the comfort of your bathroom. And if you haven’t experienced a waterfall shower in the morning or after a daylong exhaustion, its time you try out a new waterfall showerhead.

The showerhead looks like a bright sunflower spreading sunshine in your bathroom. There are very few users who fail to get impressed by it. If you are ready to upgrade your shower, how about you pamper yourself with this high pressure rain showerhead!  It lives up to its name and never disappoints.

Main Features of the Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Showerhead

The Thunderhead High Pressure Shower Head has an extension arm with a total of four self locking ratchets. Move the showerhead to any position you want and you are all set to enjoy a relaxing shower. You will be able to move it up, down and sideways. No adjustment is required to rein the wing nuts.

If you have a standard wall shower, the Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Showerhead gives you the chance to switch to an overhead shower in no time. And since the design offers multiple positioning options, its suits relatively smaller shower areas perfectly. You can actually fold it to any position you want. If your present shower pipe is too low or too high, this showerhead can prove to be a lasting solution.

The shower head solves all your positioning problems and comes packed with a bunch of features.

  • Classified as the best high pressure showerhead. The delivery of the water is so crisp that users have called it the best showerhead for a high pressure experience.
  • Allows cleaning of jets. The design is such that you will be able to clean the jets and make personal adjustments very easily.
  • A wide showerhead. The width of the showerhead is more than the regular models; it covers a greater body area.
  • The arm is the greatest add on. The flexible arm is the most important feature of this showerhead.
  • 90 spray nipples. The water drops sprayed by these nipples is sure to rejuvenate every cell in your body.
  • Control the water flow. You also get the option of controlling the water flow. You can keep it at 2.5gpm or less.

Main Advantages of the Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Showerhead

The Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Showerhead is sure to prove itself as a sound investment in the long term. Once you start using an overhead showerhead, you will probably never go back to a wall mounted model.

While most showers in the market only promise a directly vertical shower, they seldom deliver. They pour down water at an angle, and the person has to adjust his or her position to suit that of the shower. With the Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Showerhead, this problem is solved instantly. It gives you a real vertical flow of water and is positioned directly over your head.

Here is a compilation of other advantages:

  • Perfect for homes with low water pressure. The compact chamber of the showerhead ensures that the water which is pushed out is of high pressure.
  • Installation is very simple. You don’t need any tools to install it. Just DIY.
  • Get rid of clogging up problems. Just squeeze the nipples and clean it; hard water build up within the spray jets can be removed quite easily.
  • Looks very bright in white. The showerhead is made of white plastic and brightens up any bathroom.

The product comes with a limited, one year warranty and this may be a disadvantage for some users who are expecting a rough use. Used correctly, the showerhead can last about two years or a little more. It will last longer if you are the only person using it on a daily basis.

For its price, the high pressure rain showerhead from Thunderbird is a good investment. It is not a metal accessory but given the low price, the showerhead is a value buy. Click here to find this product at the minimum price online.

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