Review: Kingston Brass K136A5 Shower Head

kingston brass k136a5 shower head
A big showerhead can only be affixed in a big bathroom with plenty of area for showers. If you have a big ONE, and are looking for a high quality, durable showerhead for heavy use, the Kingston Brass K136A5 Shower Head may be the right choice for you. It is designed to be wall mounted, hones traditional looks, and comes with a massive 7.75 inches showerhead that weighs some 3 pounds.

Does that sound good? Read on.

What are the Main Features of the Kingston Brass K136A5 Shower Head?

The Kingston Brass K136A5 Shower Head looks like a rain fall shower and is massive at 7.75 inches for a wall mounted showerhead. If you are in the mood for some indulgence, this is the showerhead for your bathroom. The coverage is going to leave you surprised.

The showerhead is made with solid brass and is known for durability and reliability. The superior finish in color is what will impress you first.  The finish is corrosion free and the 8 inch diameter spray face is sure to give you a powerful spray.

The design is timeless and is the perfect solution for households looking to upgrade their shower. The design goes well with all kinds of decors. And since the product comes with a warranty, you need not worry about manufacturing defects and other such problems.

The Kingston Brass K136A5 is a symbol of indulgence and great taste.

  • Complete construction in brass. And not just few parts, the entire showerhead is made in solid brass. Expect this showerhead to last at least a decade or more!
  • 169 individual water channels for pleasure. These many water channels are sure to offer you a superior showering experience. Relax and get rejuvenated.
  • Classic and conventional design. The performance of the showerhead can be compared to any latest showerhead, and the conventional classy look is an added plus.
  • Well adjusted showerhead. The showerhead can be moved to any angle as per your convenience.

Chief Advantages of the Kingston Brass K136A5 Shower Head

Kingston Brass has been a leading manufacturer in plumbing products since 1998. Over the years, they have come to be respected as a value provider of top quality plumbing products. The designs are beautiful and the engineering world class.

The Kingston Brass K136A5 Shower Head is a premier product from their house and comes highly recommended for users looking to upgrade their shower experience. The oil rubbed and tarnish free finish is the trademark of the company. This showerhead is very big and offers a value showering experience. It is capable of handling heavy usage and gets you addicted to big sprays for life.

If you are looking for a long term solution for a shower, then go ahead and order a Kingston Brass K136A5 Shower Head today.

  • High on durability. This is not your ordinary showerhead that will go faulty in nine months. It gets high user reviews every time due to its promise of exceptional durability.
  • Works with all plumbing features. The showerhead complies with diverters of all categories and you can always modify the extender bars and joints according to your needs.
  • The rain fall experience is awesome. The showerhead actually delivers on its promise of a rainfall effect.
  • Fully compliant with flow standards. The water supply of your area might be of low pressure but that has no effect on the performance of this showerhead.
  • Consistent performance. The showerhead is very affordable and delivers a consistent performance. It comes highly recommended as a value addition on to any bathroom.

Otherwise a rock-solid, high performance and really great showerhead, Kingston brass K136A5 is not a good choice if you have a hard water problem. There are no self cleaning water jets inside this showerhead and therefore, hard water build up over a period of a time can be a serious problem. For users who don’t experience hard water problem in their areas, click here to find this showerhead at the best price online.

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