Review: Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet HandShower Set

hansgrohe croma e 100 3 jet handshower set
Many of us love a powerful shower spray, first thing in the morning. It is so refreshing. But not everyone in the family will have the same preference. While some like strong showers, others prefer a gentler one. Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet HandShower offers the perfect solution for such families with enhanced flexibility in adjusting shower levels.

The Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet HandShower set will instantly lift the style quotient of your bathroom. This showerhead is a symbol of luxury and all-in-one convenience. It is oversized, and can be held in the hand.  If you ever made a list of the features that your showerhead should essentially have, the Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet HandShower set will perhaps have most of them.

What are the Main Features of the Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet HandShower Set?

The Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet Hand Shower is available in chrome finish. A premium product, it will prove to be a sound investment in the long term. The design is modern yet reflects years of experience of the experts in the company.

The water spray is soothing and feels like warm rain. You can choose between two settings of a relaxing massage or a turbo shower; either of these two will make you feel as if skin tissues have come alive. The air massage is most invigorating and leaves you totally relaxed. If you have been searching for a hand shower set that upgrades the overall functionality of your bathroom, we’d strongly recommend the Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet HandShower Set.

This hand shower set from the house of Hansgrohe is in a league of its own. Listed below is a compilation of some of the most important features:

  • Flexible and aptly long hose. The most attractive feature of this handshower set is the length of the hose. Unlike other models in the market, the hose is very convenient and will not restrict your movement. At sixty three inches, it is the longest that you will find in the market today.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance of the hose. The hose is made from Techniflex; a special material, it is even better than high quality plastic. The cleaning is much simpler and not tedious at all. There will be no kinking ever.
  • A 4 inch spray. This hand shower set offers top quality four inch spray. Your body gets enveloped in a fine spray. The experience is similar to that of a massive showerhead, but at the cost of a hand shower.
  • Turbo spray modes. Users who are using this hand shower set cannot stop praising the turbo spray mode as it manages to give a pulsating, full body massage.
  • Inclusive of a shower arm mount. Your order comes with a shower arm and its mount.
  • Inbuilt QuickClean and anti-lime-scale function. The handshower set perform at its best for a very long time due to these inbuilt functions that are designed to offer a perfect jet.

Key Advantages of the Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet HandShower Set

Products from the house of Hansgrohe are known worldwide for their excellent design, quality and functionality. The performance of this showerhead is guaranteed to impress even the fussiest bather. Once you install this handshower set from Hansgrohe in your bathroom, the possibilities of showering in luxury will become endless.

If you are still contemplating whether to order the Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet Handshower Set or not, read about the chief advantages below:

  • Very long hose.
  • Durable and functional. The hand shower set is made with top quality materials and will perform optimally for many years to come.
  • Value for money. It is definitely a great deal when compared to the price that you pay for it.
  • Classy looks. Besides the superior performance, the handshower set looks very elegant.
  • Finest chrome finish. The chrome finish is highly resistant to all kinds of wear and tear. Plus, the product comes with a limited consumer warranty.

Should You Get this Showerhead?

This showerhead is a bit expensive than others in the segment but it sure does come with a promise of quality. Quality construction, long hose, chrome finish, durability and great showers every day – these are some of the biggest reasons why you may want to get this showerhead. Click here to purchase this showerhead online at the best price.

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