Review: American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead

american standard flowise 3 function water saving showerhead
More than 80% of all Americans shower once every day (source: SCA). For many, it is one of the most important morning rituals. For others, a shower is a way of washing off physical and mental fatigue after a tiring day.

But, not everyone has the privilege of a joyful shower every day.

In some areas, for instance, water pressure is so low that an ordinary showerhead simply fails to deliver a consistent shower. This is when people go for water-saving showerheads. Such showerheads work perfect well in low water pressure environments. American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead, for example, can help you save as much as 40% water. It is pocket friendly and high in demand.

The American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead has an innovative design, which manages to impress one and all. A value buy, the showerhead is affordable, durable and it looks good too. The water flow from this water-saving showerhead resembles rain droplets that soothe every inch of the body.

What are the Features of the American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead?

It is never too late to save water. The FloWise® three-function showerhead can compliment any bathroom where the water pressure from the mains supply is lower than usual or if the homeowners feel they should save more water.

Take a look at the pictures and you will realize that the showerhead will instantly elevate the casual décor of any small or big bathroom.

The FloWise® three-function showerhead is powered by the latest turbine technology, capable of delivering strong and consistent showers every day for a long period of time. And what makes it a great buy is the fact that it uses 20-40% less water. In actual numbers that measures up to 8,000 gallons of water annually.

You can choose this showerhead from a combination, turbine or full spray.

Priced at below $40, it is a class apart from other showerheads in the same price range. This low flow showerhead offers you an opportunity to conserve water; it allows you to become a part of the go-green movement in a unique way.

The American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead comes with a long list of unique features. Some of its most notable features include:

  • Save up to 40% water. The showerhead reduces your monthly water consumption.
  • Unique spray settings. You get to choose from three unique spray settings.
  • Top of the line turbine technology. The showerhead guarantees a turbine spray at even 1.5gpm.
  • Impressive flow rate. The full spray from this showerhead is at 2.0gpm Max. That’s a very impressive figure.
  • Adjustable angle. The showerhead from American Standard comes with an extensible arm, making usage convenient.

What are the Benefits of the American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead?

The most notable advantage of this showerhead is the mechanism; after each use, the showerhead returns to water-saving mode on its own. Although, you can manually adjust the shower output up to 2.0 GPM, the showerhead will try to get you to save water with every shower. Listed below is a quick compilation of the benefits of this water-saving showerhead:

  • Strong and warm stream. The spray from this showerhead is never prickly. Instead the turbine effect manages to engulf you in a warm mist.
  • The water stays warm. Unlike several other showerheads, the water stays warm throughout the shower.
  • Easily switch between the settings. The American Standard FloWise Showerhead allows you to toggle between settings with ease.
  • Easy Installation. The showerhead comes with simple and easy to follow instructions.
  • Elegant and modern design.The chrome plated finish goes with all kinds of decors and manages to uplift the overall feel of the bathroom.
  • Better coverage. Since the showerhead is very wide, it manages to envelope your body in water and a fine warm mist.
  • Value for money. The price that you pay for this showerhead is totally justified. It is a one-time investment that will surely prove to be a sound one.

The showerhead users a turbine to throw out the water at a greater pressure; this mechanism essentially requires more energy for saving water. You can use the auto-reset option of the showerhead to save water the next time you shower but the setting can come out as annoyance to some.

If you need to save water or in case the water pressure in your area is low, this showerhead is a perfect solution. You will have an above average shower experience even when you consume much less water in the shower area every day. Click here to compare prices and find the water-saving showerhead online at Amazon.

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