Niceeshop Temperature Sensor Led Colorful Showerhead 621033292257

Niceeshop Temperature Sensor Led Colorful Showerhead 621033292257

niceeshop temperature sensor led colorful showerhead 621033292257

Each outlet with automatic cleaning function for the soft water outlet to better ensure that each hole is unobstructed. Inner core: the inner core portion is fully enclosed advanced structure to ensure prolonged contact with water will not rust, ensure stable working condition. Emits green light when water temperature less than 31 Celsius degree, blue light when between 32 Celsius degree and 43 Celsius degree and red light when between 44 Celsius degree and 50 Celsius degree, when red light flash, it means water temperature more than 51 Celsius degree, be careful to be burnt. Does not need external power energy; It is powered by flowing water. Environmental friendly and power saving LED automatic showerhead. When water flows down, the LED will light instantly and automatically. Displays different color light according to water temperature.

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