Fontana HDD918 Cascada 20″ Rainfall Square LED Shower Set

Fontana HDD918 Cascada 20" Rainfall Square LED Shower Set

They will even change colors automatically based on the water temperature. All this with no batteries, everything is self-powered by a built in dynamo that takes advantage of the water pressure to create the energy to light the bulbs. Auto Temperature Detected Light Color Change! The shower head will automatically change colors according to the temperature of the water. So you always know how the water will feel on your skin just by looking at it. When water temperature is below 113’F lights will be BLUE. When water temperature is between 114”F – 121”F lights will be RED. When water temperature is over 122’F a RED warning light will flash. Never be scalded again by entering a shower that is just too hot! LED light color change properly only when water pressure is enough and steady. 1.Product Features: —High quality overhead shower head with built-in LED light. –LED light is activated when the faucet senses water flow. –No batteries are needed. –Style: Contemporary –Shower Head material: Brass –Finish: Stainless Steel –Shower head: Rainfall –Installation: Ceiling-mounted –Size: 20x20x0.4 inches — 1/2” standard connector. — Easy to install and clean. Can be cleaned with mild soap to ensure the non-tarnish life shine. 2. Package include: -1x 20 inches square led overhead shower head (Stainless Steel) –4 set of ceiling-mounted adjustable fixing bars(Stainless Steel), adjustable from 9 inch – 17 inch –1x water valve (brass chrome) –1x handheld shower head (brass chrome) –1x hose (brass chrome) –1x handheld shower head holder (brass chrome) –1x hose holder (brass chrome)Turn on the fun in your shower just by turning on the water, the LED lights will automatically light up and set the mood.

  • Two Years Warranty
  • Brass chrome plated 12 inches square led rainfall shower head with blue green red led color
  • Valve connections are G 3/4” standard
  • All shower set accessories as showed in the picture are included in the package
  • 12” shower head,Water powered, no need battery, its change color by detecting the temperature
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Dimensions20 x 20 x 0.3 inchesShippingweight26 pounds
PriceClick to Check PriceCategoryBathtub & Shower Systems
FinishChromeManufacturerFontana Showers
SoldbyHorizon Direct Depot .ColorPolished Chrome
SpecialfeaturesQuiet CloseShapeSquare
MaterialStainless SteelStatusonly 7 left in stock.

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