Danny-H Home Fashion Rain Round LED Shower Head 20 Inch

Danny-H Home Fashion Rain Round LED Shower Head 20 Inch

danny h home fashion rain round led shower head 20 inch

Brushed stainless steel Finish Five-layer plating, to prevent surface scratching

Material: stainless steel

Size: 500*500*100 mm

Regular Working hydraulic pressure:0.1-0.6MPA

Regular Working water flow:100-200kg/hour


use of advanced plating process, acid copper, nickel, chromium, titanium multi-coating, the combination of plating layer, ine with international health standards, by GB-18 145-2003 salt spray test, attached to the fine, uniform color, and excellent corrosion resistance, to ensure the bright sheen of the product surface, remained constant new.

As the built-in device generating electricity without the battery and any other power connets to water, LED will emit the light.

When water flows down,the LED will light instantly and automatically by the water temperature;

A. When water temperature is ≤32C, Green color will show automatically; B. When water temperature is between 33-41C, Blue color will show automatically; C. When water temperature is between 42-45C, Red color will show automatically; D. When water temperature is above 46C, Red color will flash immediately; .

Concept –

We are In addition to the popular trend of reasonable application, also fully consider the family in the bathroom space, safety issues, and through the humanization design, to give consumers a considerate, comfortable feeling. We have been convinced that the product quality as a precondition to fully understand the needs of consumers, and nurture through the market, to enhance , to promote enterprise development

Lead standards:

in line with national GB/T1176 standard copper content of 62% or more, no harm to human health, protect you and your family to use products with no harmful metal elements.

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