A Guide to Buying the Best Shower Faucets and Fixtures

No, you cannot compromise when it comes to choosing a shower faucet. After all, you’re going to head to the shower every morning before you step out of the house for work. And, whether you realize or not, a bad shower experience can result in a bad day ahead.

Much of the shower experience relies on the faucet. Shower faucets come in all kinds of designs, which could be the standard rainfall showers, or multiple choice showers, multiple spray jets, electronic showers that may have Bluetooth speakers and LED lighting.

You are certainly spoilt with the choices available, but when settling for one, do look for the specific needs you want from your shower experience. The fixture and its affordability also need to be kept in mind.

All of us look forward to the hot spray hitting our faces and bodies in the morning, but a bad shower faucet could leave you frustrated. Prepare a list of things you need from shower faucets, match them with several options, and then pick the right one. Read on.

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The Basics: What Should You Keep In Mind When Looking For Shower Faucets And Fixtures?

When looking for shower fixtures and faucets, look for a set that matches your habits and style. Have some clarity on what features would make your bathing experience an enjoyable one.

Shower fixtures are often sold in sets that include a bath faucet, water controls and a shower head. You will get shower heads that are fixed and can only be adjusted slightly. And there are others that can be moved to any angle.

You can improve your bathing experience by finding shower fixtures that make life easy and compliment the look of your bathroom. The shower fixtures that you choose need to be compatible with your plumbing and should not invite any costly repairs.

You will get fixtures in varied finishes and styles. Always look for a style that works the best with the look of your shower. Shower fixtures also include all kinds of shower heads that can deliver water in different ways. The water flow from the shower depends on the design of the shower head. If you choose an adjustable shower, you will be able to control the number and thickness of the water jets.

Faucets are both functional and also provide visual elegance to the bathroom. Make your selection on the basis of the overall style of your bathroom, your budget and the mounting style that you are looking for.

Faucets can come in gold, brass, copper and chrome finishes. You should try to have the same finish on all the fixtures in the bathroom. Besides the look you should look for faucets and fixtures which have an inbuilt well fitted thermostatic valve, that prevent the water from reaching scalding temperatures.

Plus Points: The Different Shower Experiences That You Can Choose From

When finalizing shower fixtures, you basically need to choose between a hand-held showerhead or a fixed showerhead.

  • A fixed showerhead. This is a permanent fixture in the shower unit and is generally fixed according to the height of the users. They are perfect for tall or short people. Fixed showerheads usually come with multiple or singular handle shower systems.
  • Hand-held showerheads. These are connected to the shower wall through a flexible hose which allows free motion of the hand. They are perfect for the elderly, children, pets and those who are handicapped.
  • Showerheads that save water. If you want to contribute your bit in saving the environment, look for a low flow showerhead. These shower heads use less water and are instrumental in savings on your energy bill too.
  • Showers with rainfall effect. These are based on a low pressure water system and allow the water to cascade down like rain. The pressure might be low, but since the shower head is very wide, the entire body is covered by the spray.
  • Showers with multiple choices. These are a classic example of fine modern age invention. You are allowed to alter the pattern of the spray from a massaging spray to a hard one. It is perfect for large families with different needs.
  • Showers with spray jets. Pick a shower with spray jets and elevate your shower experience to a whole new level.
  • Countless options. You will find shower fixtures with LED lights, in-built Bluetooth speakers and some even with a facility to take calls. You name it and the reputed brands have it for you.

Selection: Which is the Best Shower Fixture of Faucet for me?

  • Start with style. Keep in mind the configuration of your older faucet and your personal style when selecting a shower fixture or faucet. The faucet should complement the other fixtures in the bathroom.
  • Mounting option. You’ve got to choose between wall mounted, tub mounted, free standing and deck mounted faucets. Whatever you choose, remember that it should go well with the overall theme of the bathroom.
  • Choose between multiple or singular handles. The selection will depend entirely on your needs and requirements. A third handle basically works as a diverter for the shower.
  • Pick a combo of a tub and shower faucet. You can also pick a single multi-purpose faucet which works both as a shower and a tub faucet.
  • Faucets in Brass. We highly recommend faucets made in brass as they are very durable, have a long life, but are heavy on the investment.
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