A Guide to Buying the Best Bathroom Vanities

How clean and organized a bathroom is, reflects upon the personality of the people using it. For stunning looks and to keep the bathroom clutter under cover, bathroom vanities that blend with the overall décor have to be picked with care.

Space is at a premium in the bathroom and the bathroom vanity does more than the additional storage space it creates and occupies. Storing the extra toilet paper, the regular and extra toilet articles, bathroom appliances and other stuff can all be neatly placed in a full cabinet.

Bathroom vanities are available in different styles and materials that could include wood, marble, granite and glass.

Better quality bathroom vanity tops should be able to conceal the sink trap and when installed in accordance with your requirements, it should be able to fully support the needs of all your bathroom activities

bathroom vanity cabinet white 124" Bathroom Vanity Cabinet White39 x 25 x 22.2$$4.7
american standard jefferson classic traditional vanity 2American Standard Jefferson Classic Traditional Vanity24 x 20 x 31.25$$4.0
bathroom vanity cabinet ceramic top sink 336" Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Ceramic Top Sink35 x 35.5 x 18$$4.7
wyndham collection andover 60 inch double bathroom vanityWyndham Collection Andover 60 inch Double Bathroom Vanity24 x 20 x 31.2$$5.0
modern bathroom vanities tempered glass 5Wyndham Collection Andover 60 inch Double Bathroom Vanity28.75 x 22.65 x 19.65$$3.3
cottage look abbeville bathroom sink 626" Cottage look Abbeville Bathroom Sink26 x 21.5 x 34$$4.8
brown marble top ethan bathroom vanity 726" Brown Marble Top Ethan Bathroom Vanity26 x 22 x 36.5$$4.5
pedesta glass shelves vanity stand & faucetpedesta glass shelves vanity stand & faucet 36 x 39.5 x 22$$3.1
solid wood bathroom vanity cabinet glass sink 9Solid wood 36" Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Glass Sink39 x 36.5 x 22.1$$4.2
verdana vessel sink bathroom vanity 1048" Verdana Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity33.5 x 48 x 22$$4.5

The Basics: What Exactly Is a Bathroom Vanity?

A bath vanity is the central piece of your bathroom, which manages to draw all the attention. It is the perfect combination of bathroom sink (or the basin) and storage unit. The design of a vanity consists of the faucet for the sink, a cabinet and the countertop.

It can also be seen as a piece of furniture that hides the plumbing associated with the sink. The worktop or the bench top is the most important feature of the vanity.

Worktops can be selected in cement, stone or wood; they may even be laminated. The vanity might be made of varying materials, but they all are essentially waterproof and resistant to moisture.

Vanities come in all kinds of shapes, designs and sizes. Be it a traditional or a modern design that you are looking for – you will find it. The size of the vanity will depend on the available space in your bathroom. They can even span the entire length of the wall or be restricted to the sink. A common trend nowadays is to have a dual vanity, wherein two sinks are set inside a singular vanity unit.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of a Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities serve the dual purpose of imparting luxury and comfort to the bathroom.  If you want to know why a vanity is a must, do read on.

  • Better looks. A vanity can automatically change a neglected corner into a style statement.
  • Plenty of options. Depending on your styling preference, you get a wide variety in traditional and contemporary designs.
  • Clean and organized bathroom area. Since all the toiletries get organized in the drawers, the bathroom looks very neat and clean. You will know exactly in which drawer, for instance, you have stocked up the makeup and medicines.
  • Wall mounted vanities. If you have a small bathroom, you can go for the wall mounted designs. They facilitate easy cleaning and add a dimension to the space.
  • Corner mounted vanities for ultra-small bathrooms. They have a right angle at the back and can easily be accommodated inside the smallest of bathrooms.

Selection: How to find the Best Bathroom Vanity for me?

A vanity can make or break your bathroom’s design. That’s true regardless of how much you spend on other bathroom fixtures.

  • The placement of the vanity should be such that the areas around it can be accessed easily. Do not ignore the space which the out-swinging door will cover. You don’t want a brand, good looking vanity to mess-up the smooth traffic flow inside the bathroom.
  • Will it be easy to clean the countertops, sides and surfaces inside the closets?
  • Go for a vanity that does not require the plumbing to be shifted in anyway. If the plumbing has to be moved or altered, you’d essentially need to spend on hiring a handyman as well.
  • Since vanities are placed in bathrooms (which are mostly, wet and humid), it is imperative that you choose the material correctly. A good choice in materials would be thermofoils, laminates and veneers. If you are in a mood to install wooden vanities, check if the wood is lacquered and sealed.
  • Storage space. Take an inventory of what all you would like to store in the vanity.
  • Height. Since you will be spending a considerable amount of time every morning here, ensure that the height of the vanity is comfortable for you.
  • Single or double. Single bathroom vanities are perfect for smaller bathrooms. Double vanities for family bathrooms generally have two sinks; they are at least 4 feet wide.
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