Review: MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head

magicshowerhead 7 color led shower head
An average American spends at least thirty five minutes in bathroom every day. The MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head it seems has been specially designed to make that half an hour full of fun and relaxation. No kidding! The showerhead promises to convert your bathroom into a spa; suddenly, your shower area becomes the space where you can wash off not just dirt and muscle soreness but also your mental fatigue.

The MagicShowerhead is great for families with young children who are not too fond of taking a shower. Well, just about every other child dislikes the idea of taking a shower in the beginning. But once children see the lights flashing in seven different colors, they will perhaps need no more persuasion. And they also get to learn the names of the colors, namely, red, pink, green, blue, white, orange and yellow.

If you want to add a little drama to your bathroom, you may want to go for the MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head. It’s fun.

What Are the Features of the MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head?

Do you like the idea of making your bathroom sparkle in seven different colors? If you do, this may just be the bathroom accessory you’ve been waiting for.

Installing this showerhead is pretty easy. Just unscrew your old showerhead and screw this one on.  Children and adults marvel at the display of lights and their various shades.

The MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head is a great idea as a Christmas gift for grand kids. And since there is no hassle of batteries, you can use it continually for many years to come.

A standard water pressure of 2.5 gallon per minutes (GPM) is enough to keep the lights running and fading in a beautiful cycle. Install it once and forget about having to fix or adjust anything again.

The MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head is a great bathroom accessory for the kid’s bathroom and even for yours. Your shower area will perhaps never look boring and monotonous after this.

  • Quality material. The showerhead is made of good quality material and will perform effortlessly for a long time.
  • Colorful showers. You get the entire rainbow in your bathroom.
  • Excellent fading effect. Continuous fading of colors will leave you mesmerized.
  • No power bill. The showerhead works without batteries or external source of power.
  • Powerful LED’S. The LEDs work on water pressure.
  • Easy and durable connector. The connector is made of top grade material.
  • Easy cleaning. The showerhead can easily be cleaned up detaching the lens.
  • Chrome finish. The overall finish of the MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head is in ABS chrome. It goes well with most decors.
  • A year’s warranty. The showerhead comes with a 12 months guarantee against any defects.

Chief Advantages of MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head

Order a MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head today and replace your boring old showerhead with a riot of colors.

  • Easy cleaning. The showerhead can be cleaned simply by removing the transparent cover and keeping it under running water.
  • Delightful for children. The showerhead will help you a great deal in adding a fun element to children’s shower area.
  • No Battery required. There is no need for a battery with this unit. Since you won’t have to detach the components (for battery replacement as in case of other models), it’s likely to have a longer life.
  • Relatively quiet: Compared to other LED showerheads, the unit is relatively quiet.
  • Consistent showering experience: The showerhead provides a consistent showering experience throughout, and for many years.

Ask about the primary disadvantage of the shower, and we’d like to point out that the LED shower may not work as well with hard water. This happens because hard water leads to the problem of scale buildup, which works against the showerhead. The showerhead LED could stop working altogether, or produce very loud sound, when the generator attempts to work on the lights. Click here to find MagicShowerhead at the best price.

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