Review: LED Color Changing Showerhead from ShowerDoorDirect

led color changing showerhead from showerdoordirect
If your children feel stressed out about a bath or fear water, you really need to get a little creative with your selection of bathroom accessories. How about you consider the LED Color Changing Showerhead from ShowerDoorDirect? Kids are going to love it, really!

Even if you don’t have kids, but are bored of monotonous showers, this showerhead can add that much needed fun element. By just spending around $40, you can make a unique addition to your bathroom. Your showers will become delightfully unusual and different.

What are the Main Features of LED Color Changing Showerhead from ShowerDoorDirect?

In the LED Color Changing Showerhead from ShowerDoorDirect, you have four LED’s in the colors of green, blue and red. Once the water starts flowing, the shower emits colorful light, reflected in the stream of water. The colors keeps changing automatically as you take a shower, adding a fun factor to your shower.

If you have wanted to convince your children to enjoy their showers, then add this fun factor to your bathroom. The children will love the rainbow in their bathroom and will need no convincing to take a bath. You can also plan some romantic moments with your beau in this colored aura. And since it can be moved in any direction, it is convenient for people of all heights.

Besides offering you a color spectrum in your bathroom, this fun showerhead has the following features.

  • Value for money. You get complete value for money. And please note that you paid for an ordinary showerhead but you got an extraordinary one.
  • Durable performance. The showerhead has got good rating from users; it has a good performance record overall.
  • Good quality finish. The chrome finish makes it look classy; the accessory will blend will with different kinds of bathroom decors.
  • Easy cleaning. The showerhead is easy to clean.
  • Well placed LED’s. The placement is such that the light which is emitted is very uniform, like a strong beam.
  • Switch off the light. The LEDs need no external source of power. But they are bright enough to light up the shower area, report some consumers on Amazon.

Chief Advantages of the LED Color Changing Showerhead from ShowerDoorDirect

This self powered LED color changing showerhead needs no external power or batteries that need to be replaced every few months. Just step into the shower and watch closely as the colors start changing automatically. Young or old – this add-on will be a delight for the whole family.

Simply unscrew your old showerhead and screw this one on. It comes with a super adjustable swivel; so, you can point your showerhead in any direction.

The showerhead is ideal for singles looking for fun and for children who (until now) hate taking baths.

  • Control the stream. Since the showerhead has swivel connector, you can control the direction of the stream of water. Great for small bathrooms and short people.
  • Add fun and excitement. Opting for this showerhead is a personal choice. If you want to spice up your mornings, you may want to get one for yourself.
  • Sense the temperature by looking at the light. The strength of the LEDs can give you an idea of how warm or cold the water is. This is of great help to elderly and children. Blue would mean cold and red would mean that the water is relatively hotter.
  • No batteries or power needed. This means longer life because there are no components to be detached from time to time.


Should I buy this showerhead?

There are LED showerheads available that cost half as much and provide nearly the same benefits. BUT, the showerhead from ShowerDoorDirect is way more durable than its counterparts. In cheaper models, the batteries may just stop functioning after few months of use; in others, if the LEDs are not placed suitably inside the showerhead compartment, they may stop working as soon as there is some hard water, or chemical buildup.

Give and take, this showerhead from ShowerDoorDirect is a good buy. Click here to read the consumer reviews and find this showerhead at the best price online.

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