Review: Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 5 Function LED Showerhead Combo

ana bath lss5430ccp 5 function led showerhead combo
Why settle for an ordinary showerhead when you can upgrade your bathroom with a unique one. There is no dearth of high end showerhead models in the market. No, not all of these feature rich showerheads are going to cost you a fortune. The Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 5 Function LED Showerhead Combo, for instance, is a showerhead that promises to elevate your bathing experience to a whole new level on a budget.

This combo showerhead gives you a smooth downpour, the kind that will make you feel rejuvenated every time you step outside of the shower area. It is an amazing showerhead combo with five functions.

Our advice – don’t settle for the ordinary when you can get an exceptional product on a budget.

What is the Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 5 Function LED Showerhead Combo

This is an awesome product which is inclusive of a five function four inch LED stream head. You get to choose from a total of four different sprays. The mounting is three ways, offering you a sixty inches shower hose that can be double locked.

The showerhead comes with an anti-twist cylindrical design and it has an inbuilt LED which does require an external source of power to run. It’s an innovative product that scores well in terms of design, functionality and water conservation. On the whole, it is a very stylish showerhead that offers consistent showering experience; it lights up when you are having bath.

What are the Best Features of Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 5 Function LED Showerhead Combo?

  • Wide showerhead. The showerhead is four inches wide; the width is more than enough to offer you great coverage each time you shower.
  • LED’s don’t need batteries. They are powered by the flow of water and switch ON automatically.
  • Top quality finish. The showerhead comes in chrome finish; so, it’s likely to go well with any kind of bathroom designs.
  • Lifetime warranty. The product comes with a warranty for life. What more could you ask for?
  • Body of iron. The body of the showerhead is made of top quality stainless iron. The combo showerhead is likely to be highly durable.
  • Rain fall effect. The rain like sprays and the lights will make your showers more joyful.
  • Spray options: The LH5430 as a handheld shower comes with five kinds of spray options.
  • Stationary showerhead. As a stationary showerhead too, it has five functions in total.
  • Blue is the code. The LED light is blue in color.

Chief Advantages of the Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 5 Function LED Showerhead Combo

The Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 5 Function LED Showerhead Combo is a very popular product.

  • Very high user rating. The product gets almost five stars (out of 5) on all websites.
  • Easy assembly and installation. The product can be installed easily; you don’t need to hire a handyman for installation.
  • The LED light is a hit. The blue light is a hit with users of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Save water and power. Besides the looks, you also get to save water and cut down your energy bill.
  • The product offers excellent levels of flexibility and choice in sprays.
  • Value for money. The showerhead is reasonably priced.

LED showerheads such as this model have small bearings inside the assembly. With time, these bearings can wear out and produce irritating squealing noise. The manufacturer replaces units that develop such faults during the warranty period. Another disadvantage is that the showerhead only comes with one (blue) LED color.

If a combo showerhead with some lighting effects on a budget is what you want, this showerhead from Ana Bath may just be the right choice for you. Click here to find this combo showerhead at the best price online.

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