Review: American Standard Traditional 5 Function Hand Shower Kit

american standard traditional 5 function hand shower kit
Looking for a shower that offers better than average experience and doesn’t defy the traditional drizzle? Your search can end with the American Standard Traditional 5 Function Hand Shower Kit. It is a handheld device, which can be affixed to a standard station and yet offers a strong shower experience. There is no match to its durability. Yes, it does cost a little more than showers in the same category, but you get value for the money spent.

The design and functionality of the American Standard Traditional 5 Function Hand Shower Kit goes well with casual and traditional bathrooms. If you are bored of your shower, give it a makeover with this stylish hand shower kit.

The design might be traditional, but it comes loaded with few modern features that are sure to elevate your showering experience.

What are the Main Features of American Standard Traditional 5 Function Hand Shower Kit?

The American Standard Traditional 5 Function Hand Shower Kit is a complete package deal. It comes with an array of settings, which are sure to get the job done.

It is one of the most updated showerheads in this category. The smooth chrome finish makes it a perfect candidate for your bathroom remodeling project. While most hand showers get mounted on the top of the unit, this showerhead gets mounted on a slide bar. Raise the height according to your convenience without getting up. It is also very convenient for giving a bath to children and kids. You can rinse them without any hassle.

As an add-on feature, the holder for the showerhead can rotate and pivot in a radius of ninety degrees, giving you excellent movement.

The product promises to deliver superior performance. You can better judge this hand shower kit by reading more about its features:

  • Five spray options. The spray options are easy to adjust and just require a turning of the head.
  • Spray options. You can choose from a full spray, a full spray massage and a combo of the two. You also get an additional pulsating massage, which can be combined with the mist combo.
  • Pressure control. The hand held shower has a pressure compensating flow device that can be used to increase the water pressure; it will provide you with a continuous flow of water.
  • Designed for life. Construction quality is good. It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Superior finish. The unit has a chrome finish which goes well with all kinds of décor.
  • Good quality interior components. The internal parts of the shower kit are made of lead free brass, to minimize contamination by water.
  • Ceramic disc valves. Unlike other products, the disc valves are not made of plastic but good quality ceramic.

Chief Advantages of the American Standard Traditional 5 Function Hand Shower Kit

The American Standard Traditional 5 Function Hand Shower Kit offers you extra control and adjustability. Have a look at its features:

  • Convenience with kids and pets. Giving a shower to pets and kids is very convenient with this shower kit. Just use the trickle feature to stop the water when you want.
  • Long lasting convenience. If you have a closer look at the components of this shower, you will realize that it is designed to offer superior performance.
  • Hassle free. Since the disc valves are of ceramic, they stay drip free and the high grade brass ensures that the performance of the shower stays consistent.
  • The showerhead pivot. This option allows you to have a shower experience that can range from different spray angles to vertical spray and a horizontal too.
  • Rainfall experience. The flow of the water resembles a rain fall.
  • Simple installation. The unit comes with simple set up instructions, just DIY.

We did not find any disadvantages. May be it could be all-metal or have few more features. But, the manufacturer is in a way providing the best deal at the price at which this American Standard showerhead. Compared to other portals, you can find this 5 function hand shower kit at a much lower price at Amazon (click here).

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