A Guide to Buying the Best Shower Filter

Water for drinking purposes has to be germ free if we are to protect ourselves from diseases. Chlorination, a process of adding chlorine to treat water and make it germ free, does make the water safe for drinking. But chlorinated water isn’t so great for bathing purposes.

A high level of chlorine strips the skin of natural protective oils; it can lead to a dry skin and hair, causing it to weaken. It can also cause eczemas.

Besides there are always chances of harmful products including trace metals & compounds seeping into the water supply systems that cannot be completely removed by the filtration methods used. Where we are very careful about the water we drink but have you ever bothered about the shower water.

Medical research has revealed that your body absorbs more harmful chemicals during a quick, ten minute long shower than by drinking one liter of tap water. Chemicals such as Trihalomethanes (THMs) that are among the most common disinfection byproducts have even been linked to bowel and colon cancers.

It’s not about setting of undue alarm but a safe shower is something that can be easily ensured by using a shower filter. Such a filter absorbs the harmful chemicals and enables you to enjoy disease free water when you shower. As a remedy from harmful drying effect because of chlorination, even doctors prescribe de-chlorinating shower filters.

A typical shower filter can remove several harmful chemicals in addition to chlorine and other harmful disinfection byproducts. Read the product description to know about the list of chemicals, metal traces, etc. that it would filter.

waterchef premiums shower filter system 1WaterChef Premium Shower Filter SystemHandheld$$4.0
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Basics: What Exactly Is A Shower Filter?

A typical shower filter is designed to remove chlorine, metal traces, impurities, disinfection byproducts etc. from shower water. It attaches to the shower arm (before the shower head) or the mains pipes that feed water to the shower system.

Currently, the two main types of shower filters that can help you get rid of chlorine are – Vitamin C and KDF + Carbon based.

The former is an excellent ascorbic acid; it reacts with chlorine in the spray water and chemically neutralizes it. KDF or Kinetic Degradation Fluxion with carbon based shower filters use ionization methods (several water purifiers also use this method). They are usually made of Copper or Zinc. Here, opposite charges created by the shower filter attract & trap Chlorine (and other potential contaminants). Chlorine is converted into a non-toxic compound such as chloride. The resultant water flowing out of the shower filter to the shower head is free of chlorine and other impurities.

Plus Points: What are the Key Benefits of a Shower Filter?

  • No more dry, irritated skin. Chlorinated water not only dehydrates your skin but also contributes to premature signs of aging such as wrinkles and skin discoloration. If you ever suffered from red, itchy skin or rashes post showering, chlorine & other potential contaminants probably were the culprits.
  • Healthy for hair. The hair scalp when exposed to chlorine present in the shower water can leave it scaly and irritated. Getting a shower filter installed means no more ‘dry, fizzy hair’ after morning showers; its chlorine that knocks off natural oils that help keep hair follicles moisturized.
  • Shower water does not smell. Chlorinated water stinks but if you have been bathing in it for a long time, chances are that you have got used to it. Once you start using a shower filter, you will notice the difference after having taken first few showers.
  • No eye or skin irritation. Chlorinated water can result in serious eye/skin irritation in some people; the young and old in family, and others with sensitive skin and a history of eye problems should ideally be taking showers with cleaner water purified by a shower filter.


Selection: How to Find the Best Shower Filter for Myself?

  • Vitamin C or KDF based: You can go for a shower filter based on either of these two scientific principles. Both types of shower filters are great for the removal of chlorine but the latter can provide greater protection by filtering out many other contaminants (except inorganic compounds) through ionization.
  • Life of a filter. Compared to a showerhead, a shower filter works harder. In fact, a shower filter can increase the life span of a showerhead as the latter is no longer stained by impurities. A typical filter (with regular use) can last 6 to 12 months. Filters need to be changed eventually and therefore, if a manufacturer promises a filter span much longer than this, consider it a red flag.
  • Filter replacement cost. What is the cost of filter replacement cartridge? Is it readily available online? Does the shower filter even have the option of filter replacement? Read the product description carefully to find answers to these important questions. You don’t want to replace the entire shower filter every year or buy a replacement filter that costs just as much as the entire setup.
  • Go for higher quality product. It is not about making your bathroom look trendy or comfy. A shower filter keeps you and your loved ones safe; it’s advisable not to choose something inferior offered at a throwaway prices.
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