Review: Culligan HSH-C135 Level 2 Handheld Filtered Shower Head

culligan hsh c135 level 2 handheld filtered shower head

Is your hair constantly losing luster and your skin its glory? Have they gone so dry and flaky that no amount of conditioners and moisturizers seem to help? Among other factors, polluted water could be one of the reasons behind this mess. You can beget your amazing skin and hair once again by replacing your old showerhead with the new Culligan Hand-held Filtered Showerhead.

Being hand-held, this showerhead helps you to target specific areas; you will have a comfy & luxurious shower every time. Designed perfectly to suit your existing standard plumbing, it needs no extra labor or tools for installation. That means additional savings as you need not call in a handyman for installation.

What are the Main Features of Culligan Filtered Showerhead?

The most noteworthy feature of this superior quality showerhead is its filter. Even with regular use, the filtered showerhead can last you as long as six months, and can filter mineral deposits from as much as 10k gallons of water. So, while you savor the treatments of this amazing showerhead, you can be rest assured of your bathing water being chlorine, sulfur odor and scale free.

Some other amazing features of this inexpensive showerhead include the following:
• Five different spray settings available. Due to the availability of so many types of spray settings, you can adjust your shower to your fancies everyday for the best experience. Everyone in the family can choose a spray setting they like the most.
• Five years’ warranty: A limited warranty of five years covers many aspects of your purchase, and makes it a worthwhile investment in the long run.
• No Sulfur odor: Sulfur odor can really dampen your mood while taking a relaxing shower. But with this amazing filtered showerhead, you can now bid goodbye to distasteful sulfur odor.
• Luxurious Chrome Finish: A nice chrome finish adorns this showerhead and helps it to blend well with different types of bathroom fixtures.

What are main the advantages of Culligan Filtered Showerhead?

Most reviewers on Amazon point Culligan Filtered Showerhead’s dual role as both handheld and standard shower as its primary advantage. Besides, in conjunction with the massage setting, one may target specific areas of the body while experiencing amazing shower daily!

And that is not everything about this showerhead. There are other truly amazing features or rather benefits of this showerhead you must know about before purchasing. Here’s a brief compilation:
• Elongated hose: The showerhead comes with a 5 feet long hose that presents you with amazing flexibility while showering your pets, sit-assisting showers or while targeting the hard-to-reach areas of your body. No need to perform gymnastics in shower area just so you could thoroughly clean all areas.
• Spontaneous filter: The filter starts working immediately after installation, providing you with the best shower experience right from the first time. You will notice the difference in quality of water almost immediately.
• It pairs with unique plumbing needs: It can work even with an unflow design. If you encounter such an issue, you may directly mount it to the bathroom wall.

Is the Culligan Filtered Showerhead the Right Choice for You?

If your bathing water is chlorine-abused or has pungent sulfur odor, then the Culligan Showerhead will definitely prove to be a great purchase. Besides, the filter helps the water to get rid of high mineral contents, thereby making the water way softer.

The only notable disadvantage of this showerhead as pointed out by many users is its weight. They say it’s heavy and droopy. We agree. The showerhead shouldn’t be used in case your plumbing is very old (say more than 20 years old). If you encounter the same problem, you can directly mount it to your wall.

If you care about your family’s health and want to gift them the most wonderful and healthy shower experience ever, click here to order the showerhead right away. Its available at a great price on Amazon.

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Review: Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter

culligan raindisc rdsh c115 showerhead with filter
Does your hair feel dry and rugged even after a shampoo, or does your skin never feel fresh? You might have been blaming you soap brand but in fact the fault lies in your water and the inability of your showerhead to clean it.

The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter is certified by the NSF International. The showerhead actually manages to improve the quality of water that flows through it. It is called by most users as a ‘better shower’ that delivers ‘better water,’ when compared to the rest in the same league. It works efficiently up to 10,000 gallons of water.

The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter is a fine example of innovative technology working at grass root level to benefit the common masses.

What is the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter?

The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter has an inbuilt cartridge that lowers the level of sulfur, odor and scaling in the water. The unit can be easily installed in any existing shower arm. There is no need to call in a local handyman for the job.

You get a spa like experience in your bathroom; you also have the satisfaction that the water falling on your body is free of numerous chemical impurities.

Culligan is a brand that has been long associated with water filtering products. The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter does filtration in two levels. By the time the water passes through the second phase of filtering, almost 97% traces of chlorine have been removed. By now, you will not be able to smell any sulfur odors. The water will be softer and you will immediately feel the difference in your skin and hair.

The cartridge has a life of 6 months of continuous use. You need no tools for installation and it can be adjusted according to your height very conveniently.

What are the Best Features of the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter

Have a look at the features of this innovative showerhead.

  • Effective cleaning of water. The filter is capable of cleaning ninety seven percent chlorine, sulfur and scales.
  • WHR – 140 filter. The cartridge is capable of processing 10,000 gallons of water. The cartridge is of superior charcoal that works effectively against all kinds of impurities.
  • Fully certified by NSF International. The product is fully compliant with the guidelines laid out by the international authority.
  • You can either pick just the showerhead or order the adjustable shower arm with it too.
  • Superior polish. The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter comes in polished chrome.
  • Resistant to atmosphere. The product is resistant to corrosion, is waterproof, rust resistant and leak proof too.

Chief Advantages of the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter

In the market today, you will find other rainfall showerheads which will easily cost several times more than the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter, but will have no added filter. Before you order a showerhead for your household, have a look at its main benefits.

  • Value for money. The biggest advantage of the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 is its additional feature of the filter and optimum price.
  • Culligan is a reputed name. The filters from Culligan are known for their quality. There is no reason for you to be worried whether the filter will deliver on its promises or not. It sure will.
  • The parts may be of plastic but they are durable enough.

The Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter definitely performs well and gets high ratings from most users on sites like Amazon. If cleaner, healthier showers are important for you; this may just be the right showerhead for you. It’s made in plastic and this may be a turn off for some users but at this price, the showerhead delivers value for every penny you pay. If you want superior construction quality, you can go for all metal showerheads that cost around 4 or 5 times more. Click here to find this showerhead at the best price online.

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Review: Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead

culligan wsh c125 filtered showerhead
Have you been concerned about the high levels of Chlorine and Sulphur in your water supply? Well, you should actually be concerned but there is no reason to fret over it.  You just need to look out for the solutions. For instance, with bathroom accessories such as Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead, you can at least be sure that your loved ones won’t be exposed to excess of Chlorine and Sulphur when they shower.

The Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead offers your family protection against harsh chemicals found in the water supply. The showerhead comes with a unique anti-clog rubber spray nozzle. So, it basically makes your showers softer and cleaner.

You will be surprised to know that it can offer you protection against chlorine, sulfur and even scaling. The efficiency of the showerhead remains just the same for up to 10,000 gallons of water. The showerhead complies with all the NSF standards prescribed for water safety.

When we ensure that we don’t drink, eat or live in a polluted environment, why not ensure that we also shower with water that is safe for our skin tissues and hair.

What are the Main Features of Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead?

With the Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead, you get to choose from 5 spray settings; you can modify them as per your taste. The showerhead comes with an anti-clog rubber spray that can be cleaned very easily.

The filter life works for ten thousand gallons or for six months according to the usage. The showerhead has an inbuilt WHR–140 cartridge. It will work best under the temperature range of 40 to 120 degrees. The installation is simple enough for you to do-it-yourself.

The Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead has some very unique features that set it apart from ordinary showerheads. They include:

  • Perfect fit. The Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead fits snugly into any half inch threaded arm.
  • Five Massage settings. The showerhead offers you five distinct massage settings. Choose the one you like the most. Change it as you please.
  • Elegant finish. The showerhead comes in a chrome finish that goes well with all kinds of decors.
  • Replaceable filter. Once you finish using the showerhead for 6 months or ten thousand gallons of water, you can replace the filter easily.
  • Certification from NSF. The showerhead comes with a certificate of compliance from NSF.
  • Top quality cartridge. The showerhead uses a WHR–140 cartridge.
  • You get a five year warranty with the product.
  • Complete package. When you order a Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead, you get a wall mounted showerhead, a reminder sticker and Teflon tape for installation.

Main Advantages of Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead

The Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead is a value add-on that most consumers feel is a ‘nice-to-have’ accessory; here’s a list of advantages it has:

  • Works as an excellent purifier. The Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead promises to offer you refreshing showers with no harsh build ups of Chlorine or Sulfur.
  • 99% effective. The in-built filter is capable of removing 99 percent of chloride along with other impurities that otherwise damage your hair and skin.
  • Reduction in scales. The water that flows through the Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead is considerably soft as the showerhead is able to control the level of scales to a large extent.
  • Durable and long lasting. This wall mounted showerhead offers your family chemical free showers, for six months at a go.

The only issue with this showerhead that may concern some consumers is its weight. If bathroom plumbing fixtures were installed some 2 decades ago, the plumbing may require some reinforcement. Otherwise, the showerhead does indeed provide great value at a modest price. You can have long and enjoyable showers without having to worry about the chemicals! Click here for the best price; the product is available at Amazon

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