Review: Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower

speakman vs 3014 caspian anystream handheld shower
Do you wish to upgrade your bathroom décor? It will cost money, no doubt, but you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars! You can upgrade few fixtures & accessories at a time and slowly transform your bathroom into a luxurious bath, the kind that hotels and resorts have.

In showerheads, you may consider Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower. This classic beauty fits well into all standard US plumbing connections, and its self-cleaning nozzles ensure consistent shower experience, even after having been used for a long time by all family members.

Best features of the Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower

The Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower has a circular and smooth frame. The design incorporates both traditional and modern styles. It blends effortlessly in any bathroom and goes well with all kinds of décor. You can choose between brushed nickel and polished chrome.
This handheld shower comes with a hose and a mounting bracket which makes the whole unit very flexible. The showerhead is powered by the Anystream technology which allows you to transition easily between the various spray settings. The choice in sprays and the large number of streams make it the one of the most adjustable, customizable and flexible showerhead in its segment.

When you select a handheld shower from the house of Speakman, it comes loaded with superior technology and unique features:

  • Five spray jets. The showerhead comes with adjustable spray jets. Choose between an intense spray, a soothing massage jet or a combination of two.
  • Ample provision for massage. The unit has twelve massage sprays in the centre which convert to 52 streams for full coverage.
  • Choice in finish. You can choose from a showerhead in polished chrome or brushed nickel finish.
  • Powered by Anystream Technology. This innovative technology ensures that the spray is powerful and of high pressure at all times.
  • Simple rotation mechanism. The Caspian’s faceplate can be rotated in 360degrees in all directions.
  • Lengthy hose. The unit has a stainless steel hose which is five feet in length. Extra length is very convenient for young kids and people who need assistance while bathing. This extra long hose also comes handy when you need to wash off the dirt or soap from bathroom walls.
  • Impressive flow rate. The water flows at 2.5gpm; the assembly can fit easily into any standard plumbing fixture.
  • Limited lifetime warranty. A top quality product, it can be found in many hotels and motels. The chances of a manufacturing defect are almost negligible.
  • Self cleaning nozzles. The showerhead is very easy to clean and works perfectly even in low water pressure environments.

Advantages of the Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower

The VS-3014 is a premium product from the house of Speakman. It delivers a drenching and soothing experience every time. If you are looking to upgrade your present shower to a high pressure showerhead, then do have a closer look at the pictures and feature list of this showerhead from Speakman.

The Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower has been intricately designed; the crafting is artful and the detailing beautiful. Experts at Speakman have gone to great lengths to ensure that this showerhead enhances and intensifies the beauty of the flowing water.

You are sure to get impressed by the benefits of the Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower. Some of which are:

  • Simple installation. If you follow the instructions that come in the box, the installation of this product just takes a few minutes. There is no need to hire a handyman for this job.
  • Uniform drenching. His high pressure showerhead dispenses water in the form of large drops and the expansive coverage soaks you completely in a few seconds.
  • Pleasurable shampooing and rinsing. Since the stream of water is so effective, rinsing soap and shampooing becomes more enjoyable and hassle free.
  • Relaxes your body. The natural rain like flow of water is the biggest benefit of this showerhead. Get used to relaxing showers that leave you feeling fresh and energized.

Last word on Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower

On the whole, the Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower is a decent deal that offers optimum performance at an affordable price. Click here to find this handheld shower at Amazon at the best price, much less than you will pay at a brick and mortar store in your locality.

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