Review: Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead

kohler k 10327 cp forté 2.0gpm single function showerhead
Many of us wish to keep few things really simple. Yes, there are dozens of feature-rich models of showerheads to choose from, the kind that offer massages, drizzles, rainbow colors, Bluetooth connectivity and a whole lot more. But, all we want is a consistent shower, an easy to clean showerhead, and something that looks aesthetically pleasing and goes well with the overall décor of the bathroom. The description fits well for the Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead, a great pocket friendly option for the seekers of simplicity.

And if you thought this simple model of single function showerhead isn’t technologically advanced, you need to learn more about it. It’s affordable and yet, it is a good quality showerhead. And did we mention that this showerhead helps you save on the water bill too?

Main Features of the Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead

The design of the Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead might look conventional, but it comes packed with the Katalyst air induction technology that delivers an invigorating spray every time.

A showerhead should make your life convenient and that’s what it does precisely. This single function showerhead is available in polished chrome, which makes it aesthetically very pleasing.

And since it comes from the house of Kohler, you need not have any qualms about the quality of material and manufacturing standards. It does not have fancy features, but it surely delivers a consistent performance for many years to come.  The Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead is one of the most selling models based on the Katalyst air induction technology.

If you are planning to upgrade your showerhead, just have a look at the features of the Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead and you’ll know why we advocate this showerhead.

  • An impressive flow rate. The water from this showerhead flows is 2.gpm.
  • Water consumption. You save up to 20% on your water consumption.
  • Compliance with all water-sense recommendations. The model has LEED certification.
  • Katalyst air induction technology. Every drop of water that flows through the shower is full, powerful and very strong.
  • Optimizes spray face features. The geometry of the nozzles is such that the coverage of the water is very expansive.
  • Inbuilt MasterClean. Application of the MasterClean technology ensures that the buildup of the hard water stays in control.
  • Translucent nozzles. The latest models have translucent nozzles, which add to the finish of the showerhead.
  • Excellent finish. The finish of the model is corrosion and tarnish resistant.

Major Benefits Offered by Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead

The most Common problem faced by users when it comes to showerheads is the clean-up process. Nobody likes to get their hands dirty. But this is not the case with Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead. It comes loaded with benefits, and here’s a list:

  • Wipe and clean. The Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead can be cleaned easily by wiping the showerhead clean. The spray face has the unique attributes of the MasterClean spray. It is resistant to build of scales.
  • The finish is very impressive. The showerhead comes in chrome finish, which blends well in any kind of décor.
  • The flow is very consistent and efficient. Due to the low flow technology, the water from the shower feels soft and like a massage.
  • Easy decalcification. If you need to check the buildup levels, just unscrew the showerhead.
  • No frills at an affordable price. The showerhead looks simple but delivers a decent performance.

As mentioned already, it’s a simple, affordable and durable showerhead. If you have been using multi-function showerheads for quite some time now, this may not be right model for you. The showerhead is also a bit heavier than other models in the segment. In case your bathroom fixtures are more than 2 decades old, you may want to have a word with your handyman first.

Overall, if you want a simple yet high quality showerhead for consistent, daily showers that is easy to clean and has been manufactured by a reputed company, Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead is a perfect choice! Click here to find this product at the best price online.

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