A Guide to Buying the Best Shower Arm

Are you installing a new shower or going for a refit any time soon? Keep in mind that the shower arm is an important fixture for ensuring that there is enough headroom when bathing.

The extension from the water supply to a shower head in your bathroom is labeled as a shower arm. Chosen incorrectly, it can spoil the whole shower experience.

Nowadays, adjustable shower arms are available that enable you to get the showerhead to right level where you want the water spray to reach. At times, if you would not like to wet your hair and just want a neck down shower, an adjustable shower arm can give you just that.

PictureNameHeight IncreasePriceRating
MODONA "S" Shaped Shower Arm with FlangeApprox 6"$$5.0

Moen Waterhill 14-Inch Shower ArmApprox 2.5"$$4.6
Danze 13-Inch S-Shape Shower ArmApprox 12"$$4.6
Delta Addison 15-Inch Shower ArmApprox 2"$$4.5

Delta 10 Inch Adjustable Shower ArmUp to 9"$$4.2
Danco S Shower Arm with FlangeApprox 11"$$4.5
WaterPoint Adjustable Polished Chrome Shower ArmApprox 4"$$4.5

Danze 15-Inch Sirius Shower ArmApprox 9"$$4.0
PictureNameHeight IncreasePriceRating

The Basics: What Exactly Is A Shower Arm?

A shower head arm is the metallic pipe that connects the nozzle spray to the piping in the wall. The standard design of this arm resembles a single piece of solid pipe bent at an angle. There are three basic types of shower head arms available nowadays – the extendable arm, the hose and the high rise arm.

An extendable shower arm has one or more joints throughout its complete assembly. Depending on how these joints are connected to each other, the movement of an extendable shower arm can be up & down, side to side, or both. Such shower arms are great for bigger shower areas or bathrooms with shower benches. The spray of water can cover a much bigger area around the wall mount and when you are done, the shower arm can just be refolded.

A high rise shower head arm or an ‘S’ shaped shower extension arm increases headroom by a great margin. The water spray from a higher level does have a massage effect and increases the comfort of a warm shower.  A high rise or S shaped shower arm is great for shower areas where the mains pipe ends at a low point in the bathroom wall.

Hose shower arms offer maximum flexibility. Such a shower arm can be moved in any direction and some models can even be detached from the wall. So you can basically direct the water spray in any direction you want and do so with great accuracy.

Overall, the options and the possibilities are endless. You will have to pick something that will suit your space. The shower arm should be chosen carefully, as it tends to corrode after a few years.

Plus Points: The Key Benefits of Shower Arms

A shower arm is primarily used to extend the shower so that you get enough headspace when taking a bath.

  • Raise and lower the height. An adjustable shower arm can be adjusted according to your ability to move around the spray of water in shower area and height.
  • Increase the functionality of the shower. In your family, you might have elderly and kids with their unique needs. An adjustable shower arm will ensure that the height of the shower is not fixed. They will have more freedom and the elderly will need lesser assistance.
  • Showering becomes more fun. An adjustable arm will convince your kids to shower daily. Once you bring the shower to their level, they can have a good time without any supervision by you.
  • A great help for people with special needs. If you have a family member with special needs, an adjustable shower arm can make caring for them very simple.

Selection: Which Shower Arm is best for me?

A well chosen shower arm will greatly increase the functionality of the shower. Consider the following points before selecting one.

  • Multi-functionality. You can choose between an ‘S’ shaped arm or hose shower arm. There are multi-arm models too. The arm should be able to do what you really want; choose wisely. For a very high/low shower, choose an ‘S’ type arm. For extended shower area, go for a hose shower arm.
  • The showerhead should fit in the arm. A shower arm is of no use if it does not fit perfectly in the showerhead. The size of the shower area as well as the shower head you are using (or intend to use) should be kept in mind when considering the shower arm.
  • The finish should match with the washroom. The shower arm should blend with rest of the washroom. If your showerhead is in chrome, the shower arm needs to be in chrome too.
  • Choose a brand of top quality. Look for a brand that has a good reputation and great user reviews. A faulty shower arm that is of bad quality means extra money spent on handyman services.
  • Overhead space. In order to install the shower head arm you will need to screw it in the wall like a corkscrew. Ensure that you will have enough space all around and on top of it. Check the product pictures carefully.
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